by Cait

Things are starting to slow down around here. The CJ-7 runs, but is having axle worked on (long, not-related-to-house story possibly to be told later), we had a belated anniversary Date Night at one of our favorite restaurants on Friday, and thankfully my managers mentioned the words “minimum amount of overtime”. While the large paychecks were nice, not having any time to spend the money or work on the house was getting really old.  This weekend we took a Sunday break from football trip down to Home Decor Mecca — otherwise known as a city two hours from us that has an Ikea, a Crate and Barrel and (as recently discovered, and by “recently” I mean “today”) a Z Gallerie.  We bought this tea light holder, which looks great on the cleaned off coffee table with the box that holds our remotes in the living room.

Part of the reason we went to Ikea/etc was to finally get the Tarnby rug I’d been rug stalking at Ikea.  We checked the inventory and saw there were four in stock, so we decided it was time to put the generous anniversary gift from Robert’s parents towards the rug for the living room.  And then we bought one for the guest room, too.  Turns out you can fit two 5’11” x 8’2″ jute rugs in a Beetle.  Now the only question is, should we get this console table to go behind the sofa, or try to get one of the last remaining Expedit 5x5s?  What do y’all think?

5 Responses to “ZOMG”

  1. Go for the sofa table! I have it and it’s fabulous. It’s simple, but it has so much more character than the expedit sitting in my office, and I love the grey tone. It goes with everything in my living room.

    • Thanks, Robbyn! I think at the moment we are leaning that way because it seems more versatile and it creates two spaces without making the living room feel small. We’ll see!


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