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May 17, 2011

Easy Update: Vase Lamp

by Cait

Does anyone remember back in September/October when Robert and I made this lamp during our mini guest room redo for a guest post at Kara’s blog? And I said “I’ll show you how we made it!” and never did? Yeah… sorry about that. How about a super-belated tutorial?

The whole thing was so embarrassingly easy that I really should have posted it back in the fall. Now you’ll all be cursing the fact that I didn’t post it back then so you could snag the same Target vase. The plus side is that I’ve seen cute vases in the same shape at HomeGoods.

At first I wanted to use a cork, but really? Who makes 4-5 inch corks? So while wandering around the plumbing section we found this push-in drain cover/strainer (which looks blue because of its protective cover). We also picked up a light socket, and a cord (we could have just gotten a lamp kit, but it was actually cheaper to get it this way).

To make our lamp, we just cut the other socket off the end of the wire (if you use a lamp kid you can skip that part), slipped the freshly cut end through the middle of the drain, attached it to the new socket and epoxied the socket to the drain cover. Then we just slipped the drain cover into the vase. We didn’t drill a hole for the cord because I wasn’t sure if I’d want to disassemble the whole thing later and actually use the vase as a vase, so I just ran the wire down the back once everything was together.

Easy, right?

December 21, 2010

Wood You?

by Cait

Robert and I have been wanting to put wood floors in the living room and guest room of our house since we bought it; one of the reasons we fell in love with our house was the floors (or maybe a combination of the floors and the sunlight from the front windows).  We agreed that the cost of what we wanted to put down was something we needed to save up for, especially since the carpet was in such good shape.  We hated the style of the carpet, and so we weren’t really upset when a friend accidentally spilled Cherry Pepsi, when I knocked over cranberry juice, etc.  Surprisingly, the carpet has faired pretty well over the past year, even with the dogs’ muddy paws when it rains, it is pretty much stain-free.  Because of this, we always kind of envisioned ripping the carpet up  sometime after our future children learn to crawl.

And then I signed up for ReStore emails and this happened:

Yeah, that’s floor like what is in the rest of our house, but for about fifty cents a square foot.  …so we bought a lot of it.  About 600 square feet for the two carpeted rooms, even though we don’t want to rip the carpet up until at least spring, because the price was just to good to pass up.

I think this means the fireplace facelift and water heater I mentioned on Facebook will probably be postponed, but that’s ok with me.

Does anyone else buy materials for projects they weren’t planning to tackle when they find a ridiculously good deal?

December 16, 2010

A Familiar Locale

by Cait

Back in November I mentioned that something exciting was happening with the guest room, and I finally get to share that with you!

Robert and I were contacted by LOCALE Magazine, an emagazine made in Austin, Texas for a real estate management organization and distributed nationwide.  They conducted a email interview with me and asked for some high resolution pictures of the guest bedroom for their next issue.  We are so flattered to have been considered for this, and it was such a pleasure working with them!

If you click the images it will take you to the full emagazine.

I wish they had linked to Katie and Kara’s blogs as well, since they helped to inspire the guest room (Robert — yes he wrote a post! — will have more  details about what Katie inspired soon), but hopefully since their blog names are mentioned people will Google them!

November 30, 2010

Bedded Down, Part 2

by Cait

Way back in September I started a post on how we made the frame for the guest bed, and then because I felt the need to wait for the guest post to go up before revealing the room, I moved on to other things and never finished it.  Whoops.  This is the very belated second half of that. Pleasedon’thateme.

When we last left off we had just made the frame, which we then brought in from the shed and wrapped in three layers of batting.

We cut the batting into strips, and at first we started attaching one layer at a time, but because we were using a pneumatic staple gun we found that we were able to do all three layers at the same time.

We then cut our blue-grey fabric into strips, stretched it over the batting and stapled it into place.  Since we were inspired by this bed by Daniel, we knew that it was best to start with the fabric on the footboard so that we didn’t end up with weird, asymmetrical seams that would bother me to no end.  I think our corners were a bit easier to wrap since there wasn’t a leg in place to wrap around, although we did end up going back and trimming around the triangles where the legs attached so it was less bulky.

For our corners we turned the raw edge of the side pieces under and stapled the bejesus out of them.  I know.  Such a detailed and technical explanation.  You’re welcome.

Robert attached the legs through some manly process, probably involving sorcery with a couple of nails and/or staples and then we began to reassemble the bed frame.  Which is when we realized that our frame had a bracket for attaching a headboard that needed to be removed (it’s entirely possible that despite our careful measuring the addition of batting and fabric made things a little too close).  Whoops.

After some fun with a die grinder we reassembled the bed for real.

Once we put the mattress back on top of the box spring we pulled the fitted sheet down over the top of the box spring (this was possible because the sheets were meant for a mattress up to 18 inches deep) and then tucked the flat sheet into the frame.

This bed has pretty much become Dots’ favorite place in the house when we don’t have company.

November 11, 2010

Guest Room Locale

by Cait

Just a quick note to say that something exciting involving the guest room is on the way.

October 21, 2010

Adults Need Craft Time, Too

by Cait

You may have noticed that after we picked up my beloved Tarnby rug(s) I changed the wish list on our sidebar around.  Thankfully for my wallet (and anyone wondering what to get me for Christmas… just kidding!) I haven’t scooped any of these items up by some small miracle, especially when I had one of those West Elm sconces in my hot little hand recently.  There are a couple other things I have been lusting over that I haven’t added to the list because I think I could DIY them fairly easily.

Technically this wasn’t for sale at Anthro, it was just something used in the store.

Sorry for the iPhone picture, but when I saw this in our local Anthropologie I had to snap a picture because I had recently seen this project over at ReadyMade and knew this awesome light was made using the same technique. A slightly smaller version of this would look great in our guest room if we decide to ditch the ceiling fan in favor of a table fan.

from etsy

I am not even going to pretend I know how to knit, but a similar pillow could be made using an old sweater.  We all now I love my sweaters too much to do this to the grey one I bought last fall, but I could see this being done with a thrift store sweater or any cheap sweater (especially under the sewing guidance of a friend, since I am terrible at getting the tension right on my machine – yes Emiley, that means you!)  Now to find the time to seek out cheap sweaters…

Anyone else DIYed something they saw and fell in love with recently?

October 19, 2010

One Nightstand

by Cait

As I mentioned here, we recently brought home two of my beloved Tarnby rugs.  Fortunately I can say that I am even more smitten with this rug now that we have it in our living room.  Unfortunately the second rug has remained rolled up in the guest room because just when we thought things were slowing down they started speeding up again.

I’ve been buried under a mound of Tylenol Cold and Kleenex drafting posts on the guest room mini makeover.  I’m tracking down a few receipts for the cost breakdown, so I decided to post this incredibly easy Malm nightstand hack while I work on that.

The idea was born when I saw a picture of a workspace made from a three or four Malm nightstands wall mounted next to each other.  The website for that hack was in Spanish, and it looked overcomplicated, but after seeing how Jen over at The House of Wood hung her headboard it seemed so obvious.  A french cleat.

After stumping the guys at Home Depot by asking for a french cleat (we overlooked it in the hardware section and they had no idea what one was) we used the hardware that attaches the Malm’s shelf to level this part of the cleat.

Then we screwed the other piece into the wall.  Since a lot of french cleats come with a handy built in level and drywall screws, all you need is a drill and whatever you’re hanging (unless you’re hanging it on a plaster wall, but that isn’t the case in our guest room).

Cost Breakdown
French Cleat: $14.97
Malm: $49.99

Total: $64.96

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October 15, 2010

Guest Room Reveal

by Cait

The mini makeover of our guest room is being revealed today by the lovely Kara at Kara Paslay Designs, so please check that out!

We’ll have more details on the mini makeover, as well as a few more changes we’ve made very soon.  We were hoping to have all the projects completed in time for the reveal, but rain and other things in our non-blog life prevented this from happening.  Hopefully y’all don’t hate me, and you’ll check back to see the rest of the pieces come together!

Also I feel like I should add that while looking at this from my work computer that the color of the images looks very, very different.  I’m hoping this is just because my work monitor is a piece of crap, because (believe it or not!)  I do actually know how to white balance!  The color in the “just before” photo is the closest to what Spun Honey actually looks like, and hopefully things look fine to y’all and you won’t stop reading just based on that.

A big welcome to anyone who is new to the blog! Thanks so much for checking us out (hopefully not in a creepy stalker/pervy kind of way)!

October 1, 2010

Question for Readers: Ceiling Fan vs Light

by Cait

Our guest room is nearly done, but one of the things that still bugs me about it is the ceiling fan.

guest roomDon’t worry, this is just a placeholder that shows the fan.

I don’t think we can take it down because this room doesn’t get fantastic (you caught that, right?) airflow, being an addition and all (and we live in Florida).  I’m hoping the perfect ceiling fan will magically appear at Lowe’s, and be on sale, but I think that is kind of unlikely.  Maybe we should do something like what YHL did here?  Although, after the way we redid the lighting in the room the ceiling fan light isn’t really necessary.  Maybe we could get a simple (not hideous) fan without a light?  (They have to make those, right?)  Or should we just get a retro looking table fan and find/make a sweet ceiling light fixture?  Maybe the Fado pendant from Ikea?

Matthews Fan Co, image seen on Urban Grace Interiors

Fans like this are completely awesome, and completely out of our price range.  Also I doubt it’s the best option for the style of our room.  Something rustic yet modern would be perfect.  Now where do I find soemthing like that, or what do I make it out of?

September 30, 2010

Small Reveal

by Cait

We’re (finally) back with the reveal of the mystery project we mentioned here.

We made a lamp for the guest room using a vase and a lampshade from Target.

Has anyone else ever made a lamp out of something unconventional?  (Although I suppose comparatively speaking a vase isn’t that unconventional.)

Also, the full reveal of our guest room is coming soon, so check back for those details!