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December 28, 2010

Curtain Call

by Cait

I stole the title from ReadyMade’s article (mentioned below) because after three posts in a row I am out of fabric/curtain titles…

After seeing the ridiculously expensive Anthro curtains I mentioned in a previous post, I noticed that I was drawn to blue and white/cream fabrics while shopping for curtain fabric at JoAnn.

I spotted the Waverly print on the right first, but it seemed a bit too busy and at $29.99 a yard it was way out of my price range.   The print on the left is by Home Essentials and was $9.99 a yard.  I really wish I had more information about it, because I wanted to buy a lot more of it, but when I Googled the information from the picture I took of the label nothing came up (it’s also not on the website, and it doesn’t have the name printed on the edge like some fabric.  Boo!)  My plan for the yard and a half that I did buy is similar to the project below that I saw in this month’s issue of ReadyMade.  This one uses an army blanket, embroidery thread, leather straps & snaps, but I think it will also be really cute with a print.

I bought a solid colored tan fabric to use for the curtains on the window.  Hopefully it won’t clash with the door curtain after we stencil it, and if it does I guess I’ll just call it eclectic.  After all, I do also have Urban Outfitters’ Woodside Block print curtains and a Pottery Barn Piccadilly rug in the same room…

Does anyone else mix this much color and print in a room?

December 27, 2010

It’s Curtains For You

by Cait

After a bit of consideration (and help from West Elm in the form of selling out… again), I think I might make my own curtains.  Maybe.

Looking at the Ikea curtains made me a) wish they were slightly darker and b) think about my linen Lotta Jansdotter tote&pillow.  Then I remembered that I had seen Lotta stencils (below right) in West Elm while Christmas shopping.  I almost bought them, too, but I bought a mercury glass penguin ornament instead (it was on sale).

I’m thinking I might have to buy the stencils now and make my own curtains with fabric like the above left.

Cross your fingers that I don’t make a hot mess of the fabric between the paint and my sewing!

December 27, 2010

Living Room Curtains Revisited

by Cait

Edit: After I posted this morning, the West Elm curtains sold out again (probably because YHL apparently wants them too, and reposted their new master mood board this morning).  Now I really, really need suggestions! 

For the year and a half that we’ve lived in our house, the living room windows have been bare.  This really didn’t bother us too much at first (you can’t really see through them from outside anyhow, since our house is off-grade), but recently it has been annoying me.  I chalk this up partly to the fact that our neighbor recently bought a chain saw and ended up cutting down a tree on the property line that had been making our backyard very lush and private.  (I think he bought the chain saw and then wanted to cut something down, so he attacked the poor, defenseless, shade-and-privacy-providing tree. Thanks, guy, now we can see your house from ours.  Ugh.)

I still have not taken a new picture.  The recliner is gone now.

Also, imagine less greenery in the third window from the left.

Since I had recently posted about wanting new curtains for the library and art room, a few people wondered where I’d hang the West Elm ones I mentioned when I confessed that I have fallen hardcore in love with graphic print curtains.  Well, as you may have guessed now, the ones I was considering were for the living room.  (And I envision them with bamboo blinds as well, sort of a la YHL’s old living room, minus the light-and-airy.)  When we discovered they were out of stock decided to use the library’s old curtains (more about its new curtains soon) until we found something that we a) LOVED and b) could afford.

Well, West Elm brought back the 84″ curtains (ok, technically they are allegedly going to be available 1/17).  Insert explative here.  Thankfully(ish) I still do not really want to buy eight 48 x 84 inch panels, even at $19.99 with free shipping.  Moving on…

These Vilmie curtains are $29.99 for two 57 x 98 inch panels, which makes my wallet cry a whole lot less.   I kind of love them, but I really wanted grey, especially with the accent wall I just painted (I haven’t done the trees yet, but I’ll try to post pictures of the grey soon).  I swear Ikea had a grey graphic print curtain that I LOVED but I guess they are gone-zo.

So, getting to my point…  Remember how I said not to recommed similar curtains?  I lied.  Pretty please with extra whip and sprinkles, help me find something similar to the West Elm curtains!  I canot stomach spending that much, my BFF RetailMeNot has failed me this time, and I am le tired of scouring The Interwebz (all the curtain options are running together).

PS- I really want these curtains from Anthro, but I am not paying $128 a panel because oh-my-god-do-you-know-how-much-that-is-for-eight-panels?! Insanity.

December 21, 2010

Wood You?

by Cait

Robert and I have been wanting to put wood floors in the living room and guest room of our house since we bought it; one of the reasons we fell in love with our house was the floors (or maybe a combination of the floors and the sunlight from the front windows).  We agreed that the cost of what we wanted to put down was something we needed to save up for, especially since the carpet was in such good shape.  We hated the style of the carpet, and so we weren’t really upset when a friend accidentally spilled Cherry Pepsi, when I knocked over cranberry juice, etc.  Surprisingly, the carpet has faired pretty well over the past year, even with the dogs’ muddy paws when it rains, it is pretty much stain-free.  Because of this, we always kind of envisioned ripping the carpet up  sometime after our future children learn to crawl.

And then I signed up for ReStore emails and this happened:

Yeah, that’s floor like what is in the rest of our house, but for about fifty cents a square foot.  …so we bought a lot of it.  About 600 square feet for the two carpeted rooms, even though we don’t want to rip the carpet up until at least spring, because the price was just to good to pass up.

I think this means the fireplace facelift and water heater I mentioned on Facebook will probably be postponed, but that’s ok with me.

Does anyone else buy materials for projects they weren’t planning to tackle when they find a ridiculously good deal?

December 16, 2010

A Familiar Locale

by Cait

Back in November I mentioned that something exciting was happening with the guest room, and I finally get to share that with you!

Robert and I were contacted by LOCALE Magazine, an emagazine made in Austin, Texas for a real estate management organization and distributed nationwide.  They conducted a email interview with me and asked for some high resolution pictures of the guest bedroom for their next issue.  We are so flattered to have been considered for this, and it was such a pleasure working with them!

If you click the images it will take you to the full emagazine.

I wish they had linked to Katie and Kara’s blogs as well, since they helped to inspire the guest room (Robert — yes he wrote a post! — will have more  details about what Katie inspired soon), but hopefully since their blog names are mentioned people will Google them!

December 14, 2010

Dodged that Bullet!

by Cait

I think I may be falling in love with graphic print curtains.  I blame the guest bedroom  (and the ones I mentioned on our Christmas wish list post).

My newest love?

These Geo Leaf print curtains from West Elm.  Now, explaining the title of the post, the length we would have needed was $19.99 a panel, which made my love for them even more dangerous.  The saving grace was the fact that they sold out in the length, and our windows that I was considering them for are 105 inches wide and these panels are only 48 inches.  Phew!

Has anyone else ever been relieved when something goes out of stock?

Now, please, don’t anyone suggest similar curtains, my wallet may not be able to take it!

December 13, 2010

Decking the Halls, a Little at a Time

by Cait

Does anyone else decorate in waves?  While we don’t usually do a holiday decor-a-thon anyway, but this year we are slow to get out holiday mojo going, so we decorated a little at a time.

We started with the wreath on the front door, and after a little while of coming home to see that cheery sight we moved on the the mantle, which is really just an expanded version of what I did for fall (and failed to take a picture of) with more mercury glass.

We bought some outside lights on sale and put those up next, and then we moved on to a small project my parents and I have been doing for years.

We used to use Gold Seal Glass Wax, but since it was discontinued and you can only get that on Vermont Country Store’s website now, we used Gel-Gloss from a local hardware store and our own set of stencils my mom got from Amazon.

What about you guys?  Anyone slow to deck the halls this year?  And did anyone else use glass wax for holiday stencils?

December 7, 2010

All We Want for Christmas

by Cait

It seems like everyone is making a wish list this time of year; whether it’s in a blog post, on your sidebar, or for emailing to family.  We’re pretty adept at making wish lists, too.  I made a one for Black Friday of what’d we’d buy if cost weren’t a factor, I made one about the DIY projects we hope to tackle in the future, and I even made one in September about what Santa could bring me (two of the four things have already been aquired, though).  We also have a running wish list on the side bar of our blog with links to things we would love to have in our hot little hands.

But truthfully?  We don’t want much for Christmas!  I think we’re hard to shop for because we’re “save for what we want” kind of people, and since most of what we want is house or tool related, it’s expensive!  Asking Robert what he wants always results in him answering “I don’t know”, “Nothing” or “Socks”, so I took the liberty of making a wish list for each of us (just in case Santa and his elves are stumped).  They’re labeled “his and hers” because I thought Santa might feel weird giving Robert curtains, but truthfully we both like all of the things listed.

Robert is probably up there with the World’s Hardest People to Buy Presents For, when asked he always says he wants socks, because he wears them out quickly.

1 We love gift cards!  They aren’t the most exciting to give, since a lot of people enjoy actaully shopping for or wrapping presents, but it takes us a while to save up for big ticket items and it’s always nice when we have a gift card to put towards those purchases.  Some of Robert’s favorite places to receive gift cards from are Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sears, Ikea, Target and iTunes.
2 Since we don’t actually need anything for Christmas, we both thought it would be nice for friends/family to simply make a donation to charity.  Some of our favorites are the Humane Society (where we got both our dogs) and Habitat for Humanity (where we met, and a great place to learn DIY skills).
3 The only things Robert has recently mentioned wanting recently involved the CJ-7, a lot of which are fairly big-ticket items (like a winch, if I remember correctly the one he wants is around $800-1000), but he also wants new tail lights (they’re cracked). I’ve been told a gift card to JC Whitney would be a good option, if Santa wants to help with the Jeep.
4 I know that Robert wants a framing nail gun “to complete our collection” (we have a brad nailer and a stapler), but he likes Bostitch and Dewalt, which can get expensive.

1 As I mentioned above, we don’t actually need anything for Christmas, and both thought it would be nice for friends/family to make a donation to someone who does.
2 Again, we love gift cards!  Some of my favorite places to receive gift cards from are Target, Ikea, Pottery Barn/West Elm, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and iTunes.
3 I love, love, love these curtains from Urban Outfitters, but they’re online only for $38 per panel and the art room would need three panels.  Maybe Santa and his elves can work some magic. (Do you think that Santa uses RetailMeNot and can try stacking coupons?)
4 These salt and peper shakers from Pottery Barn would go nicely with our wedding china without being too matchy-matchy, and they’re great for everyday use, too.  They also currently have free shipping.
5 This pouf wants to live in our living room (it thinks it would look nice with the Ikea Chair we want in Figur Beige).

Some other things I’m thinking are awesome?  This sconce from West Elm and this wall-hung votive holder from West Elm.

What are you hoping for this Christmas?  Have you made a wish list?

December 3, 2010

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like … Mercury Glass?

by Cait

Hi, my name is Cait and I am a mercury-glass-aholic.  I think it started when I was looking at Pottery Barn decorations back in September.

From Pottery Barn, no longer available

Thankfully my mom remembered that I wanted large ornaments for our porch and my paternal grandmother (who is probably part of the reason I have a love of all things crafty and DIY) was cleaning out her closest, so I now have some similarly sized ornaments of my own, one of which is already silvery and two others that can be painted to look like mercury glass.  I’m glad I didn’t cave and buy some of these while they were still available, especially because our petite porch may have been overwhelmed by the slightly larger PB ones.  Also, I recently I saw some similar but not quite as large ornaments at HomeGoods for $3.99 and I’m equally smitten with them (and their lower price!), so I may snatch some up for other areas of the house.

On left from Pottery Barn, right from West Elm

Shortly after I saw PB’s oversized ornaments I saw these mercury glass votive holders (on left), which I LOVE.  They’re a bit pricier than the West Elm version (bottom right of right-hand picture), but I have visions of one of the smaller PB ones with two of the West Elm ones.  Sadly I can’t find the WE ones on the website anymore, so hopefully I can run to West Elm and snag some before they’re gone, because $5 each is about what I’m willing to pay for them and they’re super cute.

As for what I currently own?  I bought a mecury glass hurricane from HomeGoods in the fall, and yesterday I stopped in to look at Christmas decorations and left with a mercury glass Christmas tree.  I’m telling you, it’s a sickness!

Has anyone else been bitten by the mercury glass bug?  What else are you currently loving decor-wise?

December 3, 2010


by Cait

Look what is now festively adorning our yard this holiday season!

Astute readers will notice that is not our yard, but rather a parking lot.
Also, apologies for the iPhone photo

That’s right, slap an evergreen garland on that baby and call her a Christmas decoration because after quite a while in the shop for rear end work, the CJ-7 finally made her way home!  On the back of a flatbed.  Not to worry though, after some Googling Robert is relatively certain the  issue is with a bushing in the transmission, which will cost about $2.  Sweet!

All of this makes the redneck part of me very happy.

I was only kidding about the garland. Maybe.

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