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October 15, 2010

Guest Room Reveal

by Cait

The mini makeover of our guest room is being revealed today by the lovely Kara at Kara Paslay Designs, so please check that out!

We’ll have more details on the mini makeover, as well as a few more changes we’ve made very soon.  We were hoping to have all the projects completed in time for the reveal, but rain and other things in our non-blog life prevented this from happening.  Hopefully y’all don’t hate me, and you’ll check back to see the rest of the pieces come together!

Also I feel like I should add that while looking at this from my work computer that the color of the images looks very, very different.  I’m hoping this is just because my work monitor is a piece of crap, because (believe it or not!)  I do actually know how to white balance!  The color in the “just before” photo is the closest to what Spun Honey actually looks like, and hopefully things look fine to y’all and you won’t stop reading just based on that.

A big welcome to anyone who is new to the blog! Thanks so much for checking us out (hopefully not in a creepy stalker/pervy kind of way)!