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October 25, 2010

That’s the Plan

by Cait

While I don’t doubt anyone’s ability to read a menu bar, I thought I’d humor myself and take a minute to introduce our new section of the blog that I mentioned on Friday.

For anyone who is like me and wants to know where rooms in bloggers’ houses are in relation to others, we whipped up this floor plan because everyone is doing it to make it easier to visualize.

October 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

by Cait

This weekend was great, as we allowed ourselves to relax and accomplish what I had loosely outlined on my weekend wishlist at our own pace.

Go figure, daytime photos actually show the natural lighting conditions!
Look, we DID buy two Tarnby’s!

A Weekend Wishlist:

  • Bike rides
  • Time with friends and family
  • Take time to do non-blog things
  • Take time to do non-blog things (it’s important, so it gets two bullets)
  • Finish floorplan of house for blog  See our floor plan here
  • Get the second Tarnby rug under the guest bed
  • Take better blog pictures
  • Work on pallet project
  • Get plexiglass cut
  • Hang porch fan
  • Plan porch light

While we didn’t accomplish everything I listed on Friday, we are firm believers in taking time to relax on weekends and mentally prepare for the work week ahead, so we feel great about the things we did get done.  Also as I alluded to on Friday, we use weekends to get more intensive house cleaning done since we both get home from work (and Robert from school) so late during the week, so we got that out of the way as well. We also took on a few other things that weren’t on the list (which we’ll post about later this week).

Hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend!

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