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October 21, 2010

Adults Need Craft Time, Too

by Cait

You may have noticed that after we picked up my beloved Tarnby rug(s) I changed the wish list on our sidebar around.  Thankfully for my wallet (and anyone wondering what to get me for Christmas… just kidding!) I haven’t scooped any of these items up by some small miracle, especially when I had one of those West Elm sconces in my hot little hand recently.  There are a couple other things I have been lusting over that I haven’t added to the list because I think I could DIY them fairly easily.

Technically this wasn’t for sale at Anthro, it was just something used in the store.

Sorry for the iPhone picture, but when I saw this in our local Anthropologie I had to snap a picture because I had recently seen this project over at ReadyMade and knew this awesome light was made using the same technique. A slightly smaller version of this would look great in our guest room if we decide to ditch the ceiling fan in favor of a table fan.

from etsy

I am not even going to pretend I know how to knit, but a similar pillow could be made using an old sweater.  We all now I love my sweaters too much to do this to the grey one I bought last fall, but I could see this being done with a thrift store sweater or any cheap sweater (especially under the sewing guidance of a friend, since I am terrible at getting the tension right on my machine – yes Emiley, that means you!)  Now to find the time to seek out cheap sweaters…

Anyone else DIYed something they saw and fell in love with recently?