I think a DIYer’s inspiration comes from all over and is often hard to pin point.  In the days before Pinterest, whenever I realized what was inspiring a room in our house I saved the photos and make note of where I saw them.  Even with the invent of Pinterest, I thought it was about time I shared some of those photos with y’all.

On the left is House Obsession’s kitchen.  I am swooning over those floors & the subway tile, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s clean & bright with light colored walls.

The right is from Young House Love.  I didn’t actually see a large picture of YHL’s old kitchen  until after ours was mostly “finished” (I think maybe I saw a small picture in The Nest before we were even house hunting), but I’m including theirs anyway because ours turned out fairly similar.

The picture on the left is of Kara Paslay‘s master bedroom, and on the right is her guest bedroom.  I’m loving the yellow&gray and graphic curtains in her master, and in the guest room I love the wall, headboard, side table (which you can’t really see above) & pillows.

Other inspiration for our guest room came from West Elm catalogs and Ikea Hacker (although the French cleat idea came from Jen Woodhouse).

Our Art Room is still coming together, but I would love for it to one day be as organized as Amanda’s scrapbook room at Kevin& (also known as the brains behind Fonts for Peas).  I saw her scrapbook room before we even started house hunting and I’m pretty sure the wall color (plus the fact that I loved my blue bedroom growing up) ingrained itself in my head.

I also completely love Sara at Russet Street Reno’s art room.  I mentioned before that I like to think of my art my art room as the fair-haired cousin to hers.  I love her curtains & shade, the rug and pretty much everything else about it!

I’ll update this page as our house continues to develop.  It should be interesting to see the comparisons between my inspiration and my “finished” (as if they ever are) rooms.

For other sources that inspire me, check out Apartment Therapy, Design*Sponge, Desire to Inspire, ReadyMadesfgirlbybay, Urban Grace Interiors, Urban Nest and all the other blogs on my blogroll.  You can also click the Inspiration tag in the tag cloud on the footer of my blog, or check out my Pinterest boards.

3 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. OHMYGOSH! Right now I’m all blubbery and happy (and sweaty, still no AC)! I’ve been procrastinating on some grad work and was looking through some different blogs when I came across your link to Russet Street Reno, which I had seen before, loved her style, and promptly lost the site without tagging it on Delicious. I’ve been searching for it ever since. And now I have it! Yay! Thanks!

    • Yay!! I love it when that happens! (Finding a blog, picture/whatever that you’ve been looking for at least, the no AC/procrastination not so much, haha). So glad I could help!


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