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March 7, 2011

Gone to the Dogs

by Cait

Pets and decor is often a slippery slope, especially the subject of whether or not to pets should be allowed on furniture, especially the bed (as demonstrated by a recent Apartment Therapy post).  While Dots & Freckles are generally very well behaved, we occasionally allow them to rule influence our decor choices.  We don’t allow the dogs on either couch or the Pottery Barn chair, but they are allowed on the beds (as long as they’re on top of the quilt) and Dots has her own chair (which she sometimes shares with Freckles).  In the library the dogs like to look out the window, so we put indoor/outdoor cushions on the window seat because if we put a chair they aren’t allowed on they try Freckles tries to get on whatever is there regardless.

Dots & Freckles have dog beds, too – years ago before we had Dots or a house we bought Freckles a clearance indoor/outdoor dog bed from Pottery Barn and we bought Dots her own PB clearance bed when we adopted her (it was polka dot and we couldn’t resist the irony).  We also found an inexpensive dog bed at TJMaxx (seen in living room photo above) to add to the dogs’ collection.  This is probably an obvious statement, but giving the dogs a comfy place to lay down in each room keeps them from trying to test their boundaries.

Freckles’ pillow

The only problem with the dogs’ pillows?  We’re tired of lugging them around from room to room, since the dogs enjoy hanging out in the same room as us.  One pillow is in the living room (and coincidentally it happens to coordinate with everything else in there) and Dots’ navy and white pillow normally hangs out next to the window seat in the library.  Freckles’ pillow will probably get the boot to the porch when it eventually becomes a sunroom (y’know, in 15 years or so when we can afford it) because of its indoor/outdoor fabric.  We’re considering a Molly Mutt, since we (I) fell in love with the one one Yellow Brick Home got for Jack a while back. Now the question is, which one?  I’m leaning towards the same one Jack had because I am original like that.

Molly Mutt

Are your pets allowed on furniture, or do they just have their own pet beds?

November 4, 2010

Living Outdoors

by Cait

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what I want to do with out backyard.  Yes, the backyard, not the front yard that all the neighbors see, that would make far too much sense.  I introduced this topic on the blog a while back with our DIY Wish List, and have pretty much been dreaming about and sketching the perfect way to layout our petite backyard ever since.  I’ll try to scan the sketches Robert and I came up with tonight, but I thought I’d share a few of the photos that have been inspiring us to plan our backyard.

From Tighe Architechture (Ocean Front Walk project), seen on The Brick House

It’s easy to fall in love with the lighting and the view in this photo (our backyard certainly doesn’t have one of those two things), but I’m also in love with those walls/planters.  I think something like that would pair well with the other elements I want for our yard, like a flagstone patio and a taller slat fence around one back corner of the yard.  I love the look of the overhang, too, but I would want ours a little more rustic, like the one on the left below.

Patio photo from The Brick House and Ikea chairs seen on Making it Lovely

I love this photo (above right) of the Ikea Ammero chair that I saw on Making it Lovely.  I’m a sucker for sunset lighting, but I think something like this would be perfect for the patio I’m dreaming about.  Or maybe two of the lounge chair version with a small table (or a garden stool like we have on our front porch) in between.

From At Home magazine, seen on The Newlywed’s Paradise

I have wanted to incorporate a glass garage door into our house ever since I got the idea from my mom (I told you she was full of great ideas!) and so ever since I saw this I have been dreaming of a way to include one in our future sunroom.

What have y’all been dreaming about for your backyard?  Or for your house in general?  I’d love to see photos or links if you have them.

October 26, 2010

Word To My Mother

by Cait

Alternate title for this entry: The One In Which I Brag About My Mom

For anyone who doesn’t have the good fortune of knowing my mom, she is amazing and you’re missing out.  Seriously.  My mom is creative, resourceful, thrifty, well-informed, eco conscious and hilarious.  She’s the mom who not only made a lot of the clothes my sister & I wore growing up and thought up countless inventions long before they were mass-produced, but she is a constant trendsetter.  (Those vintage soda crates being sold at Pottery Barn?  Yeah, she’s had one as a spice rack for years AND she tracked one down for me when I went off to college, so we have one in our kitchen now.)

All of these wonderful attributes mean that not only is my mom the perfect person to bounce ideas off of when trying to do something for our house, but she picks out design elements that I never would have considered (because I am sometimes boring and set in my ways).  She and my dad got us this awesome green, faux crocidile skin “truckette” it as an anniversary present and, together with the rug we purchased with a generous gift from Robert’s parents, it helps our living room go from a random collection of styles to eclectic & trendy.  (I find it funny how the green of the truck is coincidentally repeated in a patch on the pillow my mom made, the Ikea candle on the table, and even Dots’ pillow and Freckles’ artichoke.)  My mom also mentioned that two of the trunks would make a good coffee table for someone who either didn’t have the money for one or didn’t want a more traditional coffee table.  One of my favorite parts about it is that it makes a much better side table than thes stool Freckles was constantly ducking under (which resulted in several spilled drinks).

See that patchwork pillow on our couch?  My mom made that before she went to college.
Also, that recliner no longer lives in our living room, so I need to take a new picture. Again.

I should also mention that since we took some bifold closet doors down (more on that later) we are going to make an easily moveable screen similar to the one John & Sherry made to make the erg less of an eyesore.

October 25, 2010

That’s the Plan

by Cait

While I don’t doubt anyone’s ability to read a menu bar, I thought I’d humor myself and take a minute to introduce our new section of the blog that I mentioned on Friday.

For anyone who is like me and wants to know where rooms in bloggers’ houses are in relation to others, we whipped up this floor plan because everyone is doing it to make it easier to visualize.

October 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

by Cait

This weekend was great, as we allowed ourselves to relax and accomplish what I had loosely outlined on my weekend wishlist at our own pace.

Go figure, daytime photos actually show the natural lighting conditions!
Look, we DID buy two Tarnby’s!

A Weekend Wishlist:

  • Bike rides
  • Time with friends and family
  • Take time to do non-blog things
  • Take time to do non-blog things (it’s important, so it gets two bullets)
  • Finish floorplan of house for blog  See our floor plan here
  • Get the second Tarnby rug under the guest bed
  • Take better blog pictures
  • Work on pallet project
  • Get plexiglass cut
  • Hang porch fan
  • Plan porch light

While we didn’t accomplish everything I listed on Friday, we are firm believers in taking time to relax on weekends and mentally prepare for the work week ahead, so we feel great about the things we did get done.  Also as I alluded to on Friday, we use weekends to get more intensive house cleaning done since we both get home from work (and Robert from school) so late during the week, so we got that out of the way as well. We also took on a few other things that weren’t on the list (which we’ll post about later this week).

Hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend!

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October 13, 2010

YHL is Full of Good Ideas

by Cait

I love it when YHL gives me ideas for how to improve things about our house!  As I mentioned in our DIY Wish List, I really, really want to transform our 14×28 foot unfinished screen porch into a sunroom like the one John & Sherry have.

From YHL

I have always thought that something like this would be wonderful in Florida, especially if we found a way to regulate the temperature a little better.  Currently our porch has two fans, which help a lot since even the screened top portion of our porch’s walls do not provide the best airflow in the sorching summer heat.  I know that glassing the porch in will make it even hotter, so I love the idea of keeping at least one of the fans and adding sliding glass doors like in John & Sherry’s sunroom.  Anyone familiar with out blog is probably aware of the fact that most ceiling fans tend to bug me, unless they are something fun & quirky or simple & unobtrusive.  I had recently mentioned to Robert that I would really like the Sanibel Fan by Hunter for our porch/future sunroom, but they’re not exactly as budget friendly the $50 special from Home Depot or Lowe’s. 

From Hunter Fan Co

 Then this past weekend I was jonesing for a ReStore fix we happened to stop into our local Habitat fo Humanity ReStore and they had this exact fan for $50!  I was stoked!  I love me some gently used home decor (plus I’m not exactly keen on the idea of shelling out 300 bucks for an outdoor fan that will probably get gross).

Now you’re all thinking “That’s fantastic, Cait, but John & Sherry have never mentioned a fan in their sunroom.  So get to the point!”  Well, anyone who saw the post on YHL today may have already guessed my point: YHL recently added a baseboard heater to their sunroom, gaining extra, livable square feet.

Both from YHL

Again, you’re thinking “Great, but John & Sherry live in Virginia and you live in Florida, so…?”  Well, sometimes in the winter it gets ridiculously cold in Florida, ok?  I know, anyone who lives north of here just fell out of their chairs laughing at me, but last winter we had a record breaking streak of nights with below freezing temperatures.  This was especially annoying when our heater went out we wanted to use our porch.  And also as YHL mentioned, depending on your states guidelines, adding a simple baseboard heater to a sunroom instantly adds square footage to your house.  In YHL’s case this bumped their house from 1300 to 1550 square feet, and for us it means that when we convert our porch to a sunroom and add a baseboard heater it’ll jump from 1850 (which is already plenty, trust me) to a whopping 2240!  I know that converting our porch to a sunroom will cost more than the $250 John & Sherry spent to gain more square footage, but it makes the idea of converting our porch even more appealing.  Just another way in which I have to bow down to the genius that is YHL and steal their ideas borrow their ideas and give wicked props to them for the inspiration.

September 19, 2010

Fall Foliage Update

by Cait

As I mentioned in the last post, I was kicking around the idea of doing more with out centerpiece, so with a little inspiration from Young House Love, our backyard and another trip to HomeGoods I changed things up with the centerpiece.

The seeded glass (we like seeded glass a lot) hurricane was $12.99 from HomeGoods, the corks were free from my mom, and the branches were free from our backyard.  We may add more cork or more branches later, or just use some to change up the mantle.

Has anyone else changed their mind on about design decisions recently?

September 17, 2010

Fall Foliage

by Cait

A brief post to say that we decided it was time to freshen up our tables for fall (because, you know, now that it’s a chilly 79 degrees here in Florida some mornings it’s fall).  We hit up HomeGoods for some fall table linens and shopped in the decor store that is our house for center piece items.

We picked up this pack of napkins and placemats for $9.99

A second pack of the same napkins (sans placemats) was $5.99, and we got two 2-packs of placemats at $5.99

Everything else we had on hand already.  The wooden basket, salt shakers and drip coffee maker were wedding presents, the candle and candle holder are clearance Target purchases from last year, the trivets were made using 25 cent tiles from a local home supply outlet, the bronze-ish ball is from my mom (I was tinking about painting it white until now) and the things that look like puddles on the living room table are coasters we bought on Amazon.

Total cost: $27.96

We picked up a few other things while we were at HomeGoods that I’ll probably do a short post about later.  I also want to make our front door wreath a little more fall-themed, and I debated about making the centerpieces for out tables a little more Pottery Barn-esque.  I may work on that in the coming weeks, but for now it’s a lot better than the spring&summer-y linens we had on the table.

Have you made any fall decor changes at your house?

September 15, 2010


by Cait

Today marks one year of home ownership here at Hernando House, and we thought we’d celebrate with a few simple things that make us happy (since we’re not a big enough blog for sponsored giveaways… yet?).

First up, we answered our soap question when we learned from a little Googling and a Facebook tip (thanks, Susan!) that we could save some dough thanks to a promotion at the Mrs Meyer’s website.  We stocked up on dish soap, hand soap, a room freshening spray and counter top spray, all in our favorite Geranium scent.

Second, my sweet hubby brought my shoe cabinet into the bedroom (yeah, it had been lounging on the porch, we move quickly like that) for me. And lastly, I did the following.

(Yes, we have to add cold water with the shower head.  But not to worry, that just means we have more projects to do later.)

And on a side note, it’s interesting to us that a lot of our friends also bought or rented out a house and made it a goal to be moved in by their wedding anniversary.

Do you celebrate housiversaries?  We’d love to hear about what you do to celebrate events in your lives!

September 7, 2010

Shoes Required: Part 2

by Cait

When I left off last time (see Part 1 here) I had picked a paint color, hardware and paper for the top of the shoe cabinet.  Over the weekend I took some Valspar Seaside Villa paint to it.  I skipped the primer step because with the age of the piece I wanted the more of the antique and little less “crisp”.  This isn’t the technique I’d use for everything but, for the most part, if you aren’t dead set on things being perfect (and nothing in our house is, it’s more well-loved and broken in) it works just fine, especially if you just use high quality paint.  If we were painting a crisp, new piece I’d prime and then either roll or use a paint sprayer to spray it.

It still needs some work but it’s getting there.

Oh and also, we have this currently sitting in our backyard.  I’ll give a cookie to whoever knows what we’re planning to do with these (and no, Emiley, it doesn’t count that we told you!)

Does anyone else have multiple projects going on at once like we do?