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March 7, 2011

Gone to the Dogs

by Cait

Pets and decor is often a slippery slope, especially the subject of whether or not to pets should be allowed on furniture, especially the bed (as demonstrated by a recent Apartment Therapy post).  While Dots & Freckles are generally very well behaved, we occasionally allow them to rule influence our decor choices.  We don’t allow the dogs on either couch or the Pottery Barn chair, but they are allowed on the beds (as long as they’re on top of the quilt) and Dots has her own chair (which she sometimes shares with Freckles).  In the library the dogs like to look out the window, so we put indoor/outdoor cushions on the window seat because if we put a chair they aren’t allowed on they try Freckles tries to get on whatever is there regardless.

Dots & Freckles have dog beds, too – years ago before we had Dots or a house we bought Freckles a clearance indoor/outdoor dog bed from Pottery Barn and we bought Dots her own PB clearance bed when we adopted her (it was polka dot and we couldn’t resist the irony).  We also found an inexpensive dog bed at TJMaxx (seen in living room photo above) to add to the dogs’ collection.  This is probably an obvious statement, but giving the dogs a comfy place to lay down in each room keeps them from trying to test their boundaries.

Freckles’ pillow

The only problem with the dogs’ pillows?  We’re tired of lugging them around from room to room, since the dogs enjoy hanging out in the same room as us.  One pillow is in the living room (and coincidentally it happens to coordinate with everything else in there) and Dots’ navy and white pillow normally hangs out next to the window seat in the library.  Freckles’ pillow will probably get the boot to the porch when it eventually becomes a sunroom (y’know, in 15 years or so when we can afford it) because of its indoor/outdoor fabric.  We’re considering a Molly Mutt, since we (I) fell in love with the one one Yellow Brick Home got for Jack a while back. Now the question is, which one?  I’m leaning towards the same one Jack had because I am original like that.

Molly Mutt

Are your pets allowed on furniture, or do they just have their own pet beds?

August 13, 2010

Window Seat Revamp

by Cait

Earlier I mentioned how Dottie I was finally getting around to painting our window seat.

This piece started out life as a coffee table that belonged to my grandmother’s friend.  After she passed away my grandparents used it in their house as a tv console for a while, and when we bought our house we also used it as a tv console until we rearranged the library.  Then I bought some clearance Pottery Barn chair cushions, sewed them into a long strip, and turned it into a window seat.

The dogs liked the window seat as much as I did, and because I was slow in getting a rug pad to go under the cushions, they added some of their own distressing to the top.

Initially I wanted to paint the piece Valspar Under the Sea, but with some help from Dots I decided to use a green we already had.  The actual painting was a pain in my behind because of all the trim pieces on the doors, and after briefly hitting the “I hate this project!” and “oh no, I think I picked the wrong color!” walls I didn’t stress too much, especially because I knew I wanted an antique-y look and didn’t have to get it to look perfect.  After about half an hour to an hour I was done painting, and ready to move it back inside (with a rug pad under the cushion this time, to prevent as many scratches from the dogs as possible).

What do you think?  Did I Dots pick the right color, or is there more painting in the hot Florida sun in the future?

Check back for finished details on hutch when there isn’t football to watch it isn’t too dark to take pictures!

August 13, 2010

The Painters Are In

by Cait

Dots is helping me contemplate paint colors today.  She says she doesn’t believe any of that “dogs are colorblind” nonsense, and she can totally help me pick a color.  Look at that concentration.

Mom, I’m totally going to pick the perfect color.

We actually have two projects we’re working on today: the window seat and the hutch.  The window seat is Dottie’s brain child, since she sits on it more than me likes to help with this kind of thing.

The hutch currently has paint swatches taped on both sides so we can study them in natural and artificial light.

The hutch is my project.  The latest YHL Reader Redesign had me craving paint swatches, sample cans and a paint brush so my hutch could stop being covered in faux dust (as I mentioned in Lighting Woes the hutch has paint overspray on it).  I’m thinking to top swatch (Valspar Restless Seas) is going to be my winner.

I’m also trying to pick a color for the inside, and I’m leaning towards the color second from the left- Valspar East Coast from the Seaside Retreat line.

This doesn’t smell like the right choice.

Dots has sniffed out the perfect color, too.  She’s thinking of using that quart of Valspar La Fonda Grassy Knoll in the shed (ironically originally purchased for the hutch).

This is hard work, Mom.

Do you have a helper with projects like this, or am I crazy for having a dog that seems to enjoy redoing furniture?

Check back later today or tomorrow to see how our projects turned out!

Update: See how the window seat turned out here and how the hutch tuned out here.

August 3, 2010

More Insight Into Who the Heck We Are

by Cait

Shifting gears slightly from the project posts in the works, I thought I’d give a little more info on who Robert and I are.

Me with Oak Tree

This is me, Caitlin, known to friends as Cait or Catie.  Animal/dog lover who is obsessed with all things green (mainly the color, but I do love me some earth-friendly products), coffee and football related.  To borrow a line from Sex and the City “I was raised in the church of be nice to people and don’t talk with your mouth full”.  As a former art major, I reserve the rights to play the “I think I can make something out of this” card.  A lot.  Which sometimes results in the dining room table being covered in Starbucks cards a slightly cluttered art room.  And thankfully I have a patient husband who puts up with my craziness.  And does the vacuuming because of my allergies.


Robert is my adventurous and fun-loving husband.  He is also quite handy.  You name it and he has probably done it, knows how to do it, or knows someone who can.  That pretty much goes for all things home renovation related, car or motorcycle related, and sports related (ok, well, maybe I hold the majority of the football knowledge, but he’s catching up on that front).  I don’t know if it comes from his upbringing, all the soccer and baseball he played, the BMX and surfing, the industry he works in or what, but this kid cannot go anywhere without seeing someone he knows.  Seriously.  My college graduation 200 miles away from our home town?  Yup, he knew people there.  He is finishing up a business degree while working full time, which makes him pretty much my hero.  I cannot even imagine working full time and taking college classes that involve math at the same time. I worked part time at a coffee shop during college and only took statistics when I needed a math credit (thank you credits from high school, for taking care of pretty much everything else, seriously, math and I are not BFFs).

You already know that we met at Habitat for Humanity, but you probably don’t know that we met in a shower.  Hey, you in the back, get your dirty mind out of the gutter!  I was scraping paint and plaster over-spray off the shower walls.

Fast forward to 2007 after we’d been back together for awhile and this guy entered our lives.


Freckles is our furry first born.  According to the Humane Society’s records he’s from South Carolina, and the fact that we think he’s a mix of American Staffordshire Terrier, some kind of retreiver, and maybe a little Pointer points to the idea that he may have been bred as a hunting dog.  Having lived with him for three years now though, I can say with absolute certainty that he would have been a terrible hunting dog.  Don’t get me wrong, Freckle Face can tree a cat with the best of them, but he’s terrified of loud noises.  Fireworks make him whine (remind me to tell you the story of the 4th of July in 2009, which was spent on a dock 20 yards from where someone was setting off fireworks… good times), thunder sends him searching for a place to hide or a lap to crawl into, and I don’t really want to know what gunshots make him do.  But I’m guessing it’s not “retreive the fallen animal”.  As far as the rest of his personality, it’s pretty much the dog version of Robert, but without the “knowing someone everywhere he goes”.


Dots came into our lives in 2008 when, as usual, I was “just looking” at the Humane Society’s website.  I was pretty much smitten after seeing her furry little face.  (Wouldn’t you be?)  Her story was heartbreaking, and so after begging and pleading reminding the nice folks at the Humane Society who our other dog was, they let us foster-to-adopt her while she finished up her second heartworm treatment in a year.  Two very wiggly years later, I can’t (or maybe more that I just don’t want to) imagine life without her.  If you’ll excuse the slightly hokey tangent, she’s one of those dogs who seems to sense when you feel sad or when you’re sick, and she takes the sadness or sickness from you.  You could also simply say “it is impossibly to be unhappy around this dog”.  We think she is a mix of American Staffordshire Terrier and Pointer, but sometimes people ask if she has Dalmatian in her.  We don’t have a lot to go off of other than her medical records from the Humane Society, because she wasn’t an owner surrender like Freckles, but we think she was probably a stray and might have had a litter of puppies before the Humane Society got her.

Anyway, that’s a brief introduction to our little family, and later on today I’ll post at least one of the projects we’ve done around the house.

And what does it say about me that I had more to say about the dogs than I did about the hubs and about myself?