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May 24, 2011

Etsy Shop Listings

by Cait

As I mentioned, Robert and I started an Etsy shop called Repurposed Materials. And while I would still say we are in the “soft opening” stage, I did make a listing for Scrabble tile keychains recently (buyers can pick which letter they want), we’re working on the prototype for a some lights, and we have a few other ideas in mind.

We want to make pendant lights and table lights from vintage glass insulators. The below is a prototype made with a cord  (made from a chipped, otherwise trash-bound insulator) that will ship as a plug in style light. The cord we’re using below is typically considered a lamp cord, but buyers could easily snip the plug off and convert it to hardwire pendant. We’re also researching making ones that are specifically meant to be hardwired, but they will probably be a bit more expensive because of the extra parts required.

May 12, 2011

Etsy Shop: Soft Opening

by Cait

Last night we took a break from bathroom demo, Robert listed some things on eBay and I listed some things in our Etsy store. For right now all I have listed is a couple of photos and prints, and I listed them as digital files (but we do have a printer capable of printing up to 13×19 as well, so maybe I will change the listings to mention that we can print and ship them upon request). I’m easing myself into this whole thing, the main intent behind the store is to sell things like cage lights made from metal coat hangers, old neon letters, hairpin legs, keychains made from Scrabble tiles, maybe some wine bottle stoppers, and pretty much whatever else we can get out hands on. Kind of the whole trash-to-treasure idea.

This is a prototype Ryan made a while ago, we want to work on making them more uniform.

We bought Ryan a neon R from a local salvage yard, and we’re contemplating selling them, too.

Once I find the files (I somehow hid them from myself) I’ll probably list the ones below as well, if there is any interest.

Hopefully we will have more things to list this weekend or next week.

March 25, 2011

My Two Cents

by Cait

First of all, I’d like to say a big, big thank you to everyone who commented (and to everyone who comments from here on out) on this post.  I read (and responded to) each & every comment, and I hope that y’all won’t be shy about commenting in the future (but there’s no pressure, I do read a lot of blogs and I don’t always comment).  Y’all are so sweet and Robert & I are lucky to have such supportive readers!  Reading y’all’s comments really made me feel as if anything is possible, which is pretty much how I felt when I started this blog (“Anything is possible! West Elm, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, HomeGoods and Z Gallerie could find my blog and sponsor me because the love it so much!”)  Obviously the parenthetical situation has not happened (yet?) and hopefully those of you who follow me on Facebook are not annoyed with my feeble attempts to pimp myself out to West Elm, HomeGoods,, etc.

I have been doing research about what is and isn’t allowed with a free, hosted blog as far as ways to make some extra money.  Google AdSense is not allowed, but it looks like Amazon ads are if you have original content (at least if I’m reading that right?)  I think that paying for a new host would be the opposite of helpful at this point, so it is.  We actually have an aStore, but we don’t really mention it (and I often forgot to sign in and organize it), so I think the only time it earned anything was when I followed my own sidebar link to buy something from Amazon.  Some bloggers link to their aStore in their wish lists, but because ours more of a spin-off of our Source List ( there’s a small link at the bottom) it doesn’t really do anything (aside from being the misfit button on our sidebar that I haven’t bothered to color correct).

In the spirit of “here goes nothing!” I will probably start doing a few things that I like to call Passively Blogging for Money.  For starters I may add a few aStore links into our Wish List and then just add the “List contains affiliate links” disclaimer to the bottom as a few other bloggers have done.  I will be creating an Etsy store and I’ll be sure link to it on our sidebar.  Technically I already made an account under the name RepurposedMaterials, but I haven’t done anything aside from favoriting a few things and putting my first name in my profile.  I haven’t listed anything at all, but you can bet I will be calling on y’all to teach me the ropes!

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February 26, 2011

Measure Twice, Buy Once

by Cait

This post is pretty much a random stream of thought fueled by coffee.

After reading Micha’s comment on my last post, I started thinking about using the Gislev in the art room again.  So I cleaned up the place where projects go to die art room, and stole the Gislev from the master bedroom (which I must say made the floor on my side of the bed look very naked).

While it doesn’t look too dark anymore (I may not have mentioned in this post that when I tested it for size it looked too dark for the room), but the Gislev is 4’4 x 6’5 and the rugs I’ve been looking at are all 3’6 x 5’6 – way too small, so glad I didn’t go ahead and order something!  I can’t decide if the Gislev is winning me over (and Robert is working on a friend’s car, so he hasn’t seen it yet aside from the picture I texted him).  And the Oh. My. Hell. moment of the day?  The much coveted  Option C from my last post is $345 in a 5×8.  So in short? Gislev it is for now!  (And also, if one of both of those chairs stays in the room, they need to have their seats covered again.)

Speaking of rethinking, a recent Apartment Therapy post (and the fact that the shelves we were going to use are “last chance” at Ikea) has me rethinking the build-in in the library.  That will be another post in itself, but it means that we need a place for our two Ikea Expedits from the library to go to die.

Messy Corner, I see a shelf in your future.

I have no idea what that means for door I had to have from ReStore.

While we’re looking at new pictures of the art room, to clear up any confusion: the closet office.  Currently it is hidden with a shower curtain from Target (that we originally bought for another purpose) when not in use, but  I will be making a curtain from the swatch on the wall soon.  Hopefully we can get the countertop from Ikea soon so the desk can go all the way across.

Oh, and when I stopped by Merrypad to oogle Emily’s Pebble rug in her bedroom?  (Not that I can afford that either.)  I found Zelda, and decided she needs to come live somewhere in the house.  Maybe the art room, maybe not.

So to recap,  I think this means the art room rug shopping crisis has been averted for now.

January 10, 2011

All Treed Up

by Cait

Back in October I mentioned that I wanted to paint birch trees on one of the walls in our living room.  We thought it would help define the area where we have a second table (which is sort of a long story in it self) in our 20×20 living room, instead of just having a seemingly random table sort of “floating”.  The fact that there is a beam in the ceiling and down the wall (to the left of the frame in the picture below) helped convince us that it wouldn’t be too weird to paint this section.

Other Table

I found this image (below) by Google searching, and while I loved it I didn’t really want to spend what they were asking for the decals.

from Etsy

I debated about free-handing some trees using this as an inspiration picture, but we decided the best option was probably to project the image I had found and tweak it slightly.  Having used an opaque projector in high school, I began scouring eBay until I found something that would make the trees the size we wanted without being too bulky to store, and for $52 (with free shipping) I found this:

From there it wasn’t completely smooth sailing (isn’t that always the way things go?)  When the projector arrived it was filthy, the two 200watt bulbs were dead, and the cord looked like a fire hazard (apparently the rolls switch died, so they cut it our and duct taped the remaining wires together.  Yeah… about that.)  We cleaned it up, replaced the bulbs, and decided we’d try using it just this once without fixing the wire (do as we say, kids, not as we do!)  So  after painting the wall with a quart of Valspar Mountain Pass, I printed out inspiration image out 6×6 in preparation.

This photo was taken in complete darkness with no flash as we needed the room dark for the projection to show.

For one reason or another, life kept getting in the way of us actually getting this project done.  Possibly because we needed it to be dark for the projection to show, and partially from laziness holidays and family obligations getting in the way.  Eventually we sucked it up and got to tracing.

You may notice that we opted to omit the majority of the overlapping sections at the top of our inspiration picture, this was because we felt that with the width of our wall and the height our ceiling it was better to keep things a bit more simple and spaced out.  Also, we chose to keep our trees a bit more sketchy/wispy than they would have appeared if we had just gone with the decals from Etsy.  We are considering adding a pendant light over the table to further “anchor” the space (and also replacing the ceiling fan that our friend Jason keeps hitting his head on!), but that’s a post for another day.

Has anyone else ever used a projector or painted something large scale on their walls?