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I’m Caitlin, a 20-something graphic design graduate living in Florida with my husband, Robert, and our two dogs.  Robert, and I met in while volunteering at  the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity in order to meet the community service hours for our IB high school.  I was 16 and he was 17, but we’d had gym class at the same time and apparently we had both developed a bit of a crush on each other.  We dated for a couple months and then went our separate ways for a couple years. Then one day around my 20th birthday I got a phone call from Robert, right before I was going to be heading into town for the weekend, so we decided to meet up.  We were both dating other people at the time so for the next couple of months after that we were just friends, then that fall we started dating, and a few months after that we got engaged.  After I graduated from college we moved in together, sharing an apartment with Robert’s best friend, Ryan. We got married at a historical house near our town and then house-sat my grandparents’ house for close to a year before deciding to get our own place, where we have put our Habitat for Humanity skills, Robert’s general knowledge of tools & building, and my art degree to work.

For a little more about us check out this post. To find out about friends check out these posts.

6 Responses to “About”

  1. i need help. im a single dad and want to make my house into a home and more inviting to people, if i was to send you some pictures of my house could you help me pick out some different pain other than all white like i have now thank you

  2. Hi Cait,

    You have an award from me on my blog: http://ourhumbleabowed.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/the-award-and-awarding/

    Happy Monday!

  3. soooo cute! I LOVE love stories!


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