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October 26, 2010

Word To My Mother

by Cait

Alternate title for this entry: The One In Which I Brag About My Mom

For anyone who doesn’t have the good fortune of knowing my mom, she is amazing and you’re missing out.  Seriously.  My mom is creative, resourceful, thrifty, well-informed, eco conscious and hilarious.  She’s the mom who not only made a lot of the clothes my sister & I wore growing up and thought up countless inventions long before they were mass-produced, but she is a constant trendsetter.  (Those vintage soda crates being sold at Pottery Barn?  Yeah, she’s had one as a spice rack for years AND she tracked one down for me when I went off to college, so we have one in our kitchen now.)

All of these wonderful attributes mean that not only is my mom the perfect person to bounce ideas off of when trying to do something for our house, but she picks out design elements that I never would have considered (because I am sometimes boring and set in my ways).  She and my dad got us this awesome green, faux crocidile skin “truckette” it as an anniversary present and, together with the rug we purchased with a generous gift from Robert’s parents, it helps our living room go from a random collection of styles to eclectic & trendy.  (I find it funny how the green of the truck is coincidentally repeated in a patch on the pillow my mom made, the Ikea candle on the table, and even Dots’ pillow and Freckles’ artichoke.)  My mom also mentioned that two of the trunks would make a good coffee table for someone who either didn’t have the money for one or didn’t want a more traditional coffee table.  One of my favorite parts about it is that it makes a much better side table than thes stool Freckles was constantly ducking under (which resulted in several spilled drinks).

See that patchwork pillow on our couch?  My mom made that before she went to college.
Also, that recliner no longer lives in our living room, so I need to take a new picture. Again.

I should also mention that since we took some bifold closet doors down (more on that later) we are going to make an easily moveable screen similar to the one John & Sherry made to make the erg less of an eyesore.