Shedding Light on the Situation

by Cait

As I mentioned yesterday, we are trying to decide what to do as far as lighting in the living room.  Currently we have a ceiling fan with light, a lamp on our new sofa table (more about that later), a lamp on the side table we moved from the guest room, and a stool with a lamp balanced on it (a very temporary solution).  Shamefully I still have not taken an updated photo of our living room, but you can see the lamp on the side table below (the one with the white shade) and the lamp with the grey shade now lives on our Hemnes sofa table (I first mentioned wanting that here).  The ceiling fan was to my right as I took this picture, and the wall with the trees is just beyond that.

As I said yesterday, we are thinking of hanging a pendant light over the table in the living room.  The one I have been considering is the Eden pendant from CB2 (below).  The only problems with this choice are that I prefer the color the shade appears when on (right), and I think the diameter for the shade is a bit to large for our space.

I am also ridiculously in love with West Elm’s Drum Sconce and Flat Flush Mount Light.  Well actually, as far as the sconces go, I really, really love the way they look, but I’m not sure they are the best choice in this area.  I could very easily see putting one of these on either side of our bed, but I love our touch lights from Target, partly because I am lazy (I know you can get touch kits to make pretty much any lamp a touch lamp, but for now I think we’ll stick with our Target lights and drool over the ones at West Elm).  I think that the Flush Mount would be a big improvement over the current low-hanging ceiling fan (our tall friend, Jason, wouldn’t hit his head anymore!), and I have looked at a bunch of similar options from Overstock and Lamps Plus but I keep coming back to West Elm based on the size and construction.   Another thing going for the Flush Mount is that we could potentially use a gift card from our credit card reward points (although we don’t exactly rack those up quickly, so that would mean waiting longer for the light).

Even supposing we have solved the ceiling fan issue with the Flush Mount, I still want a light over/near the table that could be turned on independently of the Flush Mount.  Another CB2 find that caught my eye (but scared my wallet) is the Firefly Pendant Light.  It reminds me a bit of the light fixture we made for the dining room, and if we remove the ceiling fan we will have 4 seeded glass globes we don’t need so I could DIY another fixture. The correlation between the two would be nice, since the tables are in eye-shot of each other.

On a side note, Robert recently asked me about moving the hutch back over there, so we’ll see what happens!

There are a couple other lights that I am in love with, but that didn’t make the cut for this space (and for length purposes I’m not including them in this round up of choices).  Maybe soon I will do another post on lights that have caught my attention recently.

Has anyone else made a light fixture, replaced a ceiling fan with a light or put a light where there previously wasn’t one?  (Which reminds me I need to post about the process of putting the light over our sink.)  Personally I love Kara Paslay’s DIY Mason Jar Chandelier, and if you haven’t seen it you should check it out!

7 Responses to “Shedding Light on the Situation”

  1. I love that firefly pendant! I think it would look great with your new trees :)

    • Thanks Rebecca! I was thinking it might be a good choice because it may not compete with the wall as much as a drum shade. I love the Firefly, but my wallet doesn’t love the price, so hopefully I can DIY something if we go that route!

  2. So many options! In my experience, replacing a ceiling fan with a light is no big deal. You may have to do a little touch-up on the ceiling if the cutout for the fan base (or the unpainted area) is larger than what your new lamp covers, but the underlying wiring/box should be the same. It’s actually kind of weird how little there is holding fans up! Putting a light where there isn’t one is only “easy” if you have attic above the old and new locations. Then you can run wiring. We don’t have an attic, so moving lamps has involved cutting open walls or putting exposed/painted conduit to run the wiring…

    Looking forward to seeing what you decide!

    • Thanks so much for the tips, Kim! I have heard it’s pretty simple, and thankfully the base of the light we are looking at is larger than the base of the fan (this is good because although you can’t see it very well in this post the ceiling is wood planks). We have an attic, but it’s trick to get in certain spaces (like the spot in the kitchen where we added a light, haha).

  3. We have the Eden pendant and I LOVE it. It’s so versitile and you could dress is up by hot gluing ribbon to it or painting a pretty design with a fabric paint. You can read more about it here:

    We also replaced a ceiling fan with a DIY pendant in our guest room:

    Also, I love your tree painting!!

    • Thanks for the lighting tips and the tree compliments, Amanda!

      I love the Eden, but I think we’re going to either go DIY, or an Ikea hack using a fixture style I didn’t mention here. I’ll definitely keep y’all posted!


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