Fall Foliage

by Cait

A brief post to say that we decided it was time to freshen up our tables for fall (because, you know, now that it’s a chilly 79 degrees here in Florida some mornings it’s fall).  We hit up HomeGoods for some fall table linens and shopped in the decor store that is our house for center piece items.

We picked up this pack of napkins and placemats for $9.99

A second pack of the same napkins (sans placemats) was $5.99, and we got two 2-packs of placemats at $5.99

Everything else we had on hand already.  The wooden basket, salt shakers and drip coffee maker were wedding presents, the candle and candle holder are clearance Target purchases from last year, the trivets were made using 25 cent tiles from a local home supply outlet, the bronze-ish ball is from my mom (I was tinking about painting it white until now) and the things that look like puddles on the living room table are coasters we bought on Amazon.

Total cost: $27.96

We picked up a few other things while we were at HomeGoods that I’ll probably do a short post about later.  I also want to make our front door wreath a little more fall-themed, and I debated about making the centerpieces for out tables a little more Pottery Barn-esque.  I may work on that in the coming weeks, but for now it’s a lot better than the spring&summer-y linens we had on the table.

Have you made any fall decor changes at your house?

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