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September 6, 2010

DIY Wish List

by Cait

We all know a DIYer’s work is never done, so I thought I’d post a wish list of what we have been dreaming about for our house.  Currently most of it is outdoor projects, but we have a few things we’re dreaming of inside, too.  I’ve linked to the sites that either inspired or helped shape what we’re dreaming of.

For starters, I really want a patio like the one Sherry & John over at Young House Love have.  Whenever brick pavers go on sale at Lowe’s I start talking about wanting a patio below the living room windows.  We have yet to work out the details on how big we want ours (our backyard is not even close to the size of YHL’s) but big enough for an outdoor table and some lounge chairs would be nice.

From Young House Love

Also I would love to turn our porch (which I don’t think I’ve actually shown on the blog before) into a sunroom like the one Sherry&John have.  We’ll have to do this in a couple of steps because of some of the quirks of our porch (oh, and that whole pool table factor), so this is on the 5 Year Plan kind of time frame for sure.  We may do an intermediate step to make our porch more like Sara at Russet Street Reno‘s first, and then go for something like YHL’s when our budget allows.  Mainly I’m just  longing for windows instead of screens.

From Young House Love

From Russet Street Reno

When we eventually have our sunroom I’d love to add a half bath because I’m lazy it’ll be great while lounging in our future sunroom, playing pool, or easier to get to when enjoying the next item listed below.  I want to do our half bath in a more rustic style, but I didnt see a picture of exactly what I want and since I was already borrowing other images from YHL I figured I’d snag their half bath photos as well (mad props to S&J for having such a gorgeous and inspiring house!)

From Young House Love

This summer I officially added a pool to my list.  When we bought our house we figured that a pool wasn’t necessary because we live with in 20 minutes of a beach, Robert’s parents have a pool, and pools cost too freaking much to maintain.  But this summer it was so hot that Robert and I decided a soak in the guest bath’s garden tub was a good way to cool down after working outside, and we started day dreaming about a small galvanized tub outside to soak in.  Then The Brick House introduced us to the idea of a stock tank pool.  We don’t want ours nearly as deep as the one seen below (but that’s a gorgeous picture, isn’t it?) so it’ll be about $290 from Tractor Supply for one that’s about chest deep when sitting (8’x2′), plus the filter, and maybe a partial deck surrounding it.

From bigBANG studio seen on The Brick House

And with the decision for a pool came the decision that we needed an outdoor shower, for rinsing off before taking a dip.  Really my mom (and Pottery Barn Bathrooms) planted the idea for this, and it will be good for rinsing off after yard work anyway.  One like this could be put on the random concrete pad in the corner outside the living room and laundry room and we would use fence panels to save money (and hassle of building them).  The use of the preexisting pad would also save money and give us a shorter distance to run hot water (which would be nice in fall and, if brave enough, winter).

From Charles and Hudson

And in the incredibly far off plans (you know, after we win the lottery and buy the neighbor’s lot), we’d love to expand the current “guest suite” (guest room, walk-in closet, and bathroom) when we make it our bedroom after our future kids are born, make the laundry room bigger and build a 2 car garage and a wet room style bathroom with an art studio space above (yeah, we’re crazy and would love our 4/2 to eventually be a 4/3.5).

What about y’all?  What additions are you dreaming up for your house?  Or what would your dream house have?