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September 1, 2010

Small Ikea Haul, Part 2

by Cait

As I alluded to in the last post, we recently ended up at Ikea for a second time, but we were proud of ourselves for spending less time and less money this time.

One thing we picked up while at Ikea this time was this vase, to make a reed diffuser a la Young House Love.

Next we picked up this rug, since the jute rug we wanted was out of stock and we figured that if we ever found the jute rug we wanted, we could easily swap this one to the other side of the couch (behind the Expedit room divider we’ll one day have).

While the floral pattern over the diamonds of the carpet isn’t ideal, we liked the grey and want to eventually (when the budget allows) get rid of the carpet, so we’re ignoring the carpet living with it for now.

The last major purchase from Ikea this time was this:

Which we promptly put together and leaned against the wall in the guest room wall because we don’t have the Malm bed, but fear not, we have a plan!

What about y’all, have you bought anything recently that you haven’t used exactly the way it was intended?