Fall Foliage Update

by Cait

As I mentioned in the last post, I was kicking around the idea of doing more with out centerpiece, so with a little inspiration from Young House Love, our backyard and another trip to HomeGoods I changed things up with the centerpiece.

The seeded glass (we like seeded glass a lot) hurricane was $12.99 from HomeGoods, the corks were free from my mom, and the branches were free from our backyard.  We may add more cork or more branches later, or just use some to change up the mantle.

Has anyone else changed their mind on about design decisions recently?

4 Comments to “Fall Foliage Update”

  1. Well, I love seeded glass as well….and I have a huge hurricane filled with wine corks already! I really need to stop drinking so much wine, huh? haha

    I also wish I could keep my dining table clear enough to actually do a centerpiece, alas, it’s covered in clutter while the bookcases are being built!

    • We might end up with a lot of corks, too, because my mom has been saving them for a few years and decided that she didn’t have time to make anything out of them right now. If you saw our collection of liquor & sparkling cider bottles on the living room floor from painting the liquor cabinet you would probably think we needed to cut back… And honestly the table will probably have mail all over it in a week, haha.

  2. Fall is my favorite time to decorate! I love bringing nature in…and the price is even better when you can go in your backyard and find vase fillers or a centerpiece! Looks great!

    • Thanks Danielle! I love fall, and getting things from the backyard to decorate with is my favorite! Now I just need to actually start planting things so that I have flowers to snag blooms from, too, haha.

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