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September 2, 2010

Shoes Required: Part 1

by Cait

Do you ever have one of those projects that seems so simple and then just starts spiraling into something you never saw coming?  Yeah, me too.

Remember this beauty?

shoe cabinet closed

I was poking around online awhile back, and when I got to this post from Amanda over at The Hand Me Down House I realized that 1) while I had considered wrapping paper, I hadn’t even considered contact paper/shelf liner for the boogered up top of the shoe cabinet, and 2) I liked the paper she chose.  So that night Robert & I went to Target that because I had an overwhelming urge to look at the shelf liner. Well, I couldn’t find any in our store, but I did find wrapping paper that I liked, so I bought that along with some knobs for the front of the cabinet (because the knobs/latches pictured are useless).

Then we went home and I forgot about the cabinet for a while and watched football got busy with other things.  That weekend I took the wrapping paper out to the shed and determined that I needed to paint the cabinet because I’m too lazy to sand and re-stain it.  So I spent the rest of the day watching Sex and the City reruns picking a paint color.

Tonight we went to Lowe’s to get supplies for another project we’re working on for a pregnant friend’s nursery, and while we were there we decided to pick up paint for this (and the liquor cabinet, which we figured out is partially wood and partially particle board and was bought by Robert’s dad in 1972).

Thankfully the total cost of this project has remained low so far, even with the spiral.

Oh, and right now the inside of our liquor cabinet looks like this: