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September 11, 2010

DIY Fail!

by Cait

What’s that?  That would be my DIY FAIL of a liquor cabinet.  See, I got a little cocky after Design*Sponge’s post Thursday, so I came home from work today (which marks six days in a row) and decided it was time to paint the inside of the liquor cabinet and paper the bottom of it.  Who cares that Barb used wallpaper?  She said wallpaper or paper, dammit!  So I stuck my head in the dark hole that is the liquor cabinet, laid down some Modge Podge, and attempted to paper the bottom surface. Three times.  The first time it ripped, but the Modge Podge was wet enough that it came right up.  Second time I was ballsy and just eyeballed the paper (WHY?!) so of course it wasn’t wide enough, but again it peeled right up.  Third time?  Well, the third time was going well, and it looked awesome, but of course I managed to mess it up with some spectacular dumbassery.  We smoothed most of the bubbles out, and started to apply the coat of Modge Podge to the top and I accidentally used waaaaaaay too much, so I was using a putty knife to remove the excess and it ripped.  D’oh!  There had been a couple of other tiiiny rips, and I just smoothed them out and they weren’t noticeable, but this time a chunk of paper came off and balled up into a tiny, unusable mess.  Awesome.  I started pulling the paper back off the surface, but of course by that point it was starting to dry, so we spent some time scraping paper off with the putty knife and now we are waiting for it to dry so we can sand it off and try again.  Oh yes, I am a glutton for punishment, and that tiny sliver of what it will look like was fabulous, so of course I must try again.

Hopefully we’ll be back soon with a picture of a successful attempt.