by Cait

Today marks one year of home ownership here at Hernando House, and we thought we’d celebrate with a few simple things that make us happy (since we’re not a big enough blog for sponsored giveaways… yet?).

First up, we answered our soap question when we learned from a little Googling and a Facebook tip (thanks, Susan!) that we could save some dough thanks to a promotion at the Mrs Meyer’s website.  We stocked up on dish soap, hand soap, a room freshening spray and counter top spray, all in our favorite Geranium scent.

Second, my sweet hubby brought my shoe cabinet into the bedroom (yeah, it had been lounging on the porch, we move quickly like that) for me. And lastly, I did the following.

(Yes, we have to add cold water with the shower head.  But not to worry, that just means we have more projects to do later.)

And on a side note, it’s interesting to us that a lot of our friends also bought or rented out a house and made it a goal to be moved in by their wedding anniversary.

Do you celebrate housiversaries?  We’d love to hear about what you do to celebrate events in your lives!

4 Comments to “Housiversary”

  1. Happy housiversary!
    We’ll be celebrating ours (in May) with our official housewarming party, after we’ve completed out very much needed kitchen reno. Amazingly enough, we’ve completed every other room (11 in all) in the last 5 months with a toddler in tow. :)

  2. Hey Cait, I love reading your blog! I haven’t gotten to commenting yet but I love seeing all the stuff that inspires you. It’s great because I got to see everything in person too (like the awesome living room and kitchen). You’ll have to show us how the shoe cabinet looks with shoes in it! =D

    • Hey Annie! Thanks for checking out the blog! I’ll be sure to do a few more posts on what inspires me/us, and I will definitely show y’all the shoe cabinet with shoes!

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