Is It Crazy That

by Cait

Other TableHello, slightly boring space.

Is it crazy that I want to paint the wall behind our second table in the living room and then paint white trees on it?

I’m thinking that I could probably freehand something like this fairly easily.
(image from etsy)

I’m leaning towards something like this, but with a — wait for it — grey wall (because I’m still on a grey kick).  Luckily I have a husband whose attitude towards paint is “if we hate it, we can paint over it” instead of being the kind of person who would freak out and act like I’ve ruined our house.  And he likes the idea of the grey and the trees, woohoo!

14 Responses to “Is It Crazy That”

  1. I love the idea, and it may be something I use when we get a house… at some point!
    I really, really like the grey and white. One of my favorite images is that of a tree in mist (like ) and that mimics it in a simple, elegant way.

  2. I love trees… and gray and white…. so you are not at all crazy! :)

  3. Well, that husband is a keeper! This is a project I will definitely tune in for. Sweet!

  4. Why not? I think the constrast would be awesome!

  5. I actually love it! It looks amazing!

    • I love it, too! I think I need to post a better picture of the living room to show the beam that divides the room (which is why I thought the idea might be slightly “crazy”), this would be about a 10ft section of a 20ft wall.


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