Tacking It Down

by Cait

When we were at my parents house yesterday picking up the absinthe print we got into a conversation about our DIY Fail of a liquor cabinet and problem solving how to fix it.  Robert and I had decided to use Krylon Easy Tack because it promised to be repositionable (unlike its big brother, Krylon Spray Adhesive, which used to make me seriously sticky and seriously annoyed in high school art classes) and then my brilliant mom suggested putting the paper under glass.  Really, why don’t I think of these things?  We decided to do both, but with plexiglass (well, just as soon as we get the plexi cut).

The Easy Tack worked as promised (we even had a slight issue with the paper trying to stick to itself, but it was thankfully a non-issue), and with the second piece we repositioned it a lot.  That’s right, I said second piece because the only issue we has was that we cut the paper a little short the first time,we are apparently really great at measuring.  Thankfully it worked out because the screw up was just the right size for the top of the shoe cabinet- score!  We’ll probably be getting a piece of plexi for that, too.

Have you had any happy accidents recently?

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