Is It Too Early for a Christmas Wish List?

by Cait

While I am well aware that this is Florida and it hasn’t snowed here in forever, may I please decorate my house with these fabulous oversized mercury ornaments from Pottery Barn this year?

From Pottery Barn

And while we are on the subject of Christmas, my BFF Santa and his elves are magical, so I’m sure he’ll have no trouble finding one of these chairs.  I’ll take one for my guest room, please.  I hear shell chairs like to hang out on the street in Manhattan, Santa, so you never know.

(Slightly less than stellar pic) From eBay

And some of these Candelas that the evil wonderful Pottery Barn Outdoor Spaces book made me lust after would look lovely around our future pool.

From Amazon

If Santa if feeling especially generous he can get me this rug that I have been lusting after.  There are twelve of them at the Ikea closest to us, so Rudolph wouldn’t even have to carry it that far, I swear!  I’d have bought it for myself but I am much too busy with tailgating and football working dilegently on the guestroom to drive two hours to Ikea.  This is tragic, people!  There are tears!  (Ok, there aren’t tears, but there could be if it makes a more convincing case!)  You can ask Robert how many times I have rug-stalked this on Ikea’s website just to make sure it is still in stock.

From Ikea

And Santa, if you still need ideas you can find more of my wish list here.

 *This post is in no way suggesting what my sweet husband should buy me for Christmas, I swear.  Really.*

8 Responses to “Is It Too Early for a Christmas Wish List?”

  1. You are funny! That rug looks like the one I have in my art room – I love it. I’m sure Santa will bring you some of these goodies!

    • Thanks Sara! To quote my best friend “I try to be as hilarious as possible at all times”. Hopefully Santa reads my blog, I hear the internet can be spotty in the North Pole. ;)

  2. It’s good to give Santa a heads up so he can look for sales…wink wink.

  3. I am also a Floridian and I plan on hanging some nifty Christmas-Balls out on the front tree. Ive seen a few houses over the past couple years with the same thing so like you said, even though this is Florida and it doesn’t snow [seriously if it did people would think the world is ending], it’s totally doable!

    • I think you’re right, people would definitely think the world was ending, Kasey! I’m pretty sure I’m going to go for it with the oversized ornaments, but I might DIY them depending on the budget closer to Christmas.


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