Bed Time

by Cait

I mentioned before that not all of the Our House section is completely up to date.  We change things around a lot.  In this instance, I’m specifically talking about our bedroom.

Master Bedroom

Robert had this cherry sleigh bed when we first started living together, and although it went well with the hand me down dresser from my grandparents, the headboard and footboard took up about 14 inches of space in our petite bedroom that we didn’t want to give up. Cue my sister moving, needing a new bed frame to go with her queen sized mattress, and loving our too-big bed frame – the perfect excuse reason to shop for a new bed!

The Claudia Bed from Pottery Barn

I fell hard for this bed from Pottery Barn (and the bedding is amazing, too!) but not so much for the price tag.  $649?  Oof!

Enter the Hilsdale Dexter Bed, found on one of the many Cymax store websites for somewhere around $279 with free shipping.  While we wouldn’t recommend anyone out there buy a frame from the same place, though, as ours arrived a lot later than it said it would, and we read several bad reviews online while nervously awaiting our bed.

The frame only came in this bronze-y brown finish, but we like the styling of it better than the white or cream colored ones we saw (a lot of which cost more, anyhow), so once the frame arrived we sprayed it antique white with Valspar Porcelain spray paint, and clear coated it, just in case.

We lived with the finials that came with the frame for a while, and brainstormed which glass doorknobs to use to cap the project off.

Tea House Doorknob from Anthropologie

In the end, we splurged on these beauties from Anthropologie, and because of the difference in diameter we used freeze plugs from Advance Auto Parts (sprayed to match the bed) instead of the roses that came with the knobs.  (But not to worry, those pretty pieces will be used in an upcoming project!)  We also decided to use allen cap machine screws that were laying around in the shed rather than the spindle for the knob because they fit the existing hole in the bedpost better.  So with the holes drilled in the freeze plugs and a coat of spray paint and clear coat or two we were ready to assemble everything.

Cost Breakdown:
Frame: $279
Paint and Clear Coat: $18
Knobs: $76
Freeze Plugs: $2.90

Total: $375.90, which is about $273 less than the what we would have paid from Pottery Barn.

What do you think?  Did we do a good job with our Pottery Barn knock-off?  Have you painted a bed frame before?  And if you did it with spray paint, was your finger numb for a couple days afterward, too?  We’d love to hear about the bed related projects you’ve tackled!

And I’ll be back with “After” pictures of the hutch just as soon as the last coat of paint dries, so stay tuned for that!

8 Responses to “Bed Time”

  1. Nice work! It looks great :) Just a tip for spray painting, you have to get one of the attachments that fits onto your can and turns it into a gun. Like this:

    It seriously works wonders and saves your finger from going numb :)

  2. Haha, we don’t spray paint very often (we prefer to paint with a no or low VOC paint and a brush), but Robert would probably enjoy one of those!

    Thanks for the tip, and for checking out our blog!

  3. Hey,
    Saw your link on YHL. I love this idea. My husband and I were lucky enough to get the Pottery Barn Whitney bed as a wedding gift. When my husband(an experienced welder) saw the construction of the bed, he made me swear to never buy any of their rip-off furniture again. It is wobbly, but hasn’t broken yet. How do you like your cheaper version? I def. would have gone that route if we had to pay for it ourselves. Pottery Barn is way over-priced for what it is. It’s much better to DIY with well built furniture.

    • Hey Allison,
      So far we love our bed! It was sort of a pain in the neck to get the crossbars that hold the boxspring to go into place, but that may be a good thing since we haven’t found the bed to be wobbly at all.
      Thanks for checking out our blog!

  4. Hi…I also found you through YHL and was wondering about the name of your paint color. It looks very similar to what I’m considering for my mbr. Thanks!


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