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August 26, 2010


by Cait

Dear Internet (otherwise known as, anyone who finds this blog by accident and happens to read the first entry),

Has Ikea discountinued the TÅRNBY rug in favor of the VEJEN Rug, or is it just currently out of stock at the Ikea near us?  I think I prefer the TÅRNBY, but that is purely based on the pictures I’ve seen in the catalog and online, because we didn’t have time to hit up the rug section last time we were at Ikea.

Tarnby on left, Vejen on right

Does anyone have one of these?  Which one do you prefer? Please hit me up with any knowledge, advice, suggestions of other similarly priced jute rugs and opinions!

Love and kisses,
Zaphod Cait
(Please excuse the blatant Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference, I’m not quite sure what came over me.)

August 26, 2010

Budget Kitchen Redo

by Cait

A quick rundown of the “make it work” redo for our kitchen, which was about 15 kinds of scary when we first bought our house last September.


We were not loving the cheap appliances, plastic blinds, cheap faucet, cabinet hardware or contractor beige walls.  Also with counter space at a premium we needed to come up with a way to keep our microwave off the counter.  So we started by painting the walls a light green color (twice actually, once with leftover Valspar Cool Reflection from the bedroom, which was sort of a disaster because in the different lighting it was far too minty, and finally with Valspar Sea Mist Green), changing out the cabinet hardware, and got a faucet as a gift from my parents.


Then while leafing through Better Homes & Gardens Kitchen Idea File in the bargain section at Barnes and Noble we got the idea for this.

moving back in

Then we wanted a light over the sink, which actually took far more effort than it really needed to, because we didn’t discover Glo Stix right away.

kitchen light

After that we scored a cast iron sink on Craigslist for $60, which I neglected to add a picture of, and finally, we upgraded our appliances for stainless, thanks to the Sears Outlet and my parents, who gifted us the stove they bought for the house we were house sitting.


Cost Breakdown:
Paint – $24.47
Hardware – $58.81
Faucet – Gift
Sink – $60
Microwave Shelf – $24
Light – $22.37
Rug – $19.99
Dishwasher – $728
Stove – Gift

Total – $937.64