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August 1, 2010

Sidewalk Sale?

by Cait

Ok, so our neighborhood doesn’t actually had sidewalks, but every once and awhile (especially after a call or text from a friend or family member) on trash night it seems a little like a sidewalk sale.  Or maybe I should start over.

Hi, my name is Cait and I have a problem.  A problem with adopting furniture that other people are throwing away, making it over and putting it in my home.

This chair, for instance.

curbside chair

This chair was calling my name.  I can just see this chair painted tan, blue or green (colors we have leftover from other projects) on the other side of the bed in the guest room, or at one of the desks in the art room.  Our other “sidewalk sale” score was this cabinet.

shoe cabinet closed

Yes, the legs are slightly unlevel.  Yes, it was sitting upside-down on the rain-soaked asphalt so the top either needs to be painted, covered with pretty paper, or intentionally weathered.  And yes, the door pulls are useless and don’t actually open the dooes.  But when Robert flipped it over for me and opened the doors?

shoe cabinet open

Hello, shoe cabinet.

And so, I have a problem.  Occasionally my problem is contagious and Robert comes home with things he finds.  The short list of things we have rescued off the side of the road?

  1. The wing chair that alternates between the guest room and the art room.
  2. The bedside table in the guest room.
  3. The two desk chairs in the art room (project details coming soon).
  4. A satellite dish and antenna that my parents were looking to use with their camper.
  5. Two rolling desk chairs like this (the ones without arms) that are waiting in the shed to be refinished.
  6. A rocking chair for a friend’s nursery (also waiting in the shed for a little love).
  7. A cast iron sink for the same friend’s kitchen.
  8. A table base turned firewood holder.

And so, I we have a problem.  And that doesn’t even include the deals we’ve scored at Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Craigslist, and a local home renovators’ surplus store.

Does anyone else have this problem?  I know some cities have a “love it or leave it” section at the city dump, which might make this kind of thing a lot easier (or maybe not, it might be similar to the way we’ve lost several things we’ve scouted to the junk men who pick up scrap metal and other pawn-able items).

August 1, 2010

The Frame Game

by Cait

First of all let me say that when my phone told me I had an email that turned out to be not one but two comments from Katie over at Bower Power you could pretty much have knocked me over with a feather.  Robert’s reaction involved an expletive, but he may or may not have had an adult beverage or two while playing pool with my dad, so we’ll forgive him for that.

Moving on, we’re working on art for the library and the dining room, sort of similar to the groupings Young House Love has in their living room and nursery.  Neither one is complete yet, as the dining room has a place holder photo in one frame and is waiting on a poster my mom found for us, and the library is waiting on the Ork Poster we ordered, but I thought I’d show y’all what we’re working on.  I love that all the frames are different, it goes with the style our house a little better than all matching frames.

Door Wall

And can I also just say that I absolutely love the view of the library caught in the dining room’s mirror when you walk down the hall?

Wall of Pictures

The C on the bottom right was inspired by Young House Love’s P Monogram and taken from a magazine redesign I did in my graphic design classes.