Guest Bath Redux: A Few More Purchases

by Cait

Absolutely no work has been done on the guest bath since the last time I talked about it. Unless you count all the hours of overtime I’ve put in at work to save up the funds to work on it again. Fortunately the nice chunk of change from that has eased the spending freeze on the bathroom a bit.

That being said, I finally ordered the faucet and tub spout because today the price on the faucet was down to $158 again (from $176) and Overstock had also sent me a coupon. For $180 with free shipping they are both on their way into my hot little hands. Now on to bigger and better things like drywall vent fans.

You may notice that I also changed our floor tile choice on the design board. We perviously chose white hex tile ($5.95/sq ft), but the about the same time I was falling in love with this lantern shape tile ($6.95/ sq ft) I noticed that octagon dot tile was only $2.57/sq ft. Fortunately we liked all three choices equally, because we’re saving quite a bit of money by changing our minds. Also, both our local Home Depot and Lowe’s carry this tile in store, so we can buy only what we need, rather than ordering full cases (unless they let you order partial cases? I didn’t get that far in my research).

Also, anyone who follows me on The Twitter knows that with the recent cold snap (record lows this time of year for sunny Florida) I have been complaining nonstop about the frigid tile in the hall bathroom. Here’s hoping I can convince Robert that we should add radiant heat to our list of things we want for the bathroom (and eventually hall bath, kitchen and laundry room). Maybe he will agree because I have been so good at saving us money on big ticket items thus far? And because I’ll let him keep the thermostat lower in exchange for toasty floors?

Here’s hoping.

And for those of you playing along at home, here’s a round up of what we’ve spend so far.

Costs Thus Far:
Shower Arm: $22.99 (eBay)
Sink: $20 (local home renovation outlet)
Shower head: $25 (local home renovation outlet)
Toilet: $149 (local home renovation outlet)
Mirror: already owned (HomeGoods)
Shower Diverter Escutcheon: $65 (Period Bath)
Vintage Porcelain Faucet Handles with Escutcheons: $20 (eBay)
Shower Diverter Handle: $5 (eBay)
Bathtub: $124.99 (ReStore)
Sink faucet & tub spout: $180.87 (

$665.89 (includes sales tax and/or shipping)

I’d say we’re doing pretty well on budget (we’re hoping to keep things below $5,000. Hopefully way below.)

Still to Buy:
Recessed lights
Vent fan
Curtain rod
Tile (walls & floor)
Caulk & grout
Drywall & green board
Tape & mud
CPV & other misc plumbing bits

Anyone else working on (or recently finish) a complete gut job of their bathroom or take on any other big projects? I’m loving Our Humble A{Bowe}d’s kitchen reno. Who thinks I’m crazy for wanting radiant heat for a bathroom floor in Florida?

15 Responses to “Guest Bath Redux: A Few More Purchases”

  1. I like your choices, and I’m very impressed with how well you guys are doing on your budget so far. I can’t wait to see all come together!

  2. Amanda’s kitchen reno is going absolutely amazingly! I can’t wait to see the final product!!!

    As for you missy… I LOVE the new floor tile and especially at that price! It’s super unique and adorable and will be a totally stunning piece of the bathroom.

    No bathroom gut-jobs for us, though I’m certain we’d both LOVE to gut our master bath and make one giant two-headed shower! Alas… def no funds for that at the moment. :( Oh well, other projects first. :) LOVE how your bathroom is shaping up!

    • Thanks Ashley! I’m excited about how everything is coming together on the bathroom. Hoping to start work on it again soon.

      Looking forward to seeing what you tackle next! I totally understand wanting to gut a bathroom but not having the funds! (After all, this wasn’t exactly a planned demo, which is why it has been sitting for so long.)

  3. This is looking great. It kind if reminds me of our bath we finished this year. Classic and timeless, your choices will never go out of style. It’s going to look great.

    Ryan totally wished i had chosen the hex dots. The hex
    Tile we laud was much more expensive and a pain to lay. Cant wait to see your bath come together.

    And I totally vote radiant heat. I wish we had it.

  4. We splurged on in-floor heating in our main bathroom (our house only has one full bathroom) and marble tile, and I can honestly say it is one of my favorite things ever. We’re at that point of the year where it’s chilly enough that the cold stone floor is torturous in the morning, but it’s not cold enough to justify turning on the heat. We have the programmable thermostat for it, but haven’t figured out how to actually program it… But still, definitely one of those things that was worth the $300 or so that it cost us. Our neighbor, who has been helping with our ongoing renovations, told us that he didn’t do in-floor heating when they were renovating their bathroom, and he regrets it the 8 or 9 months out of the year that we would need it. Then again, we live in New England and mornings late September through early April are chilly.

    • Thanks for the comment Lynn Marie! Glad to hear so many great things about in-floor heating.

      We are in the same boat with the weather around here. It’s in the 40s and 50s in the morning, making the tile freezing, but because it’s still warming up to the mid to high 70s we don’t want to turn the heat on. We have some pretty chilly mornings and evenings here in North Florida (plus I’m generally cold all the time indoors anyhow), so it’s not like the $200ish investment wouldn’t get use.

  5. Ooh, I like where you’re headed! The new tile is fantastic. Oddly enough, that was one of the first tiles we considered before we started on our main bathroom. It looks great with wither white or grey grout. I would suggest grey just because it looks cleaner longer.

    Good luck! It will look great when you’re done. Oh, and thanks for the shout out! :)

    • Thanks Amanda! We are definitely planning on using gray grout (I probably should have mentioned that).

      You’re welcome! Can’t wait to see you kitchen all finished! (I’m sure you can’t either, haha!)

  6. Hey Cait, blogger question for you! How did you put together that awesome collage?? I would love to learn how to do that. Very useful tool for a DIY blogger!

    • Hi John, thanks for the comment! I used Photoshop to make my design board (I talk a little about it here). Basically I just pulled all the images into Photoshop, cut out the white background, and arranged them on the canvas. I think a similar process could be done in most other photo editing programs (even some of the free ones). There are also a couple of websites that are starting to do similar things. Hope it helps!


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