Let’s Be Honest

by Cait

It would seem that fall is a terrible time of year for us when it comes to working on the house. Robert and I are both working so much overtime that we haven’t done a project in weeks. Or rather, we haven’t completed a project in weeks. We have several small half-finished things going on, approximately 50,000 pictures on the memory card to go through (why are boys camera-happy during tree removal? I guess it must have been the crane. and the bobcat.), and several things we completed in months past that I never blogged about. I did also add more links to the sidebar (and updated the graphics on a few pages they lead to). On certain monitors the grays don’t match. I’ll fix them when I fix them. Don’t judge me. (Yes, I did want to put a hash tag in front of that, thankyouverymuch.) Ooh and ahh over them anyway, won’t you?

With the weather recently (rainy, cloudy, and generally gross), all I’ve wanted to do after work is collapse on the couch to watch How I Met Your Mother and Criminal Minds. Football is not exactly dead to me right now, but we won’t speak of how all the Florida teams are losing (ok, the Gators can lose all they want, I bleed garnet & gold). Although when I’m not feeling like that I want to gut our kitchen or repaint the entire house. I’m completely drained and antsy at the same time. It’s terrible.

Aside from that, I mustered the energy to order a few things on eBay (like the thermostat below, which I picked up for half the retail price). I’ll never understand why I can bring myself to buy a thermostat on eBay but not the faucet & tub spout on Overstock that we need for the guest bath. Or drywall. Oh well. One step at a time, right?

In other news, I’m coming at you live from the Blueberry Office. And if you couldn’t tell from the lovely moniker (and the paint chips), I’m having a love-hate relationship with the Closet Office. And its wire spaghetti. Right now it’s mostly hate, but when I took the pictures it was mostly love (minus the wires). My shirt that day was the exact same shade of blue (see my arm?), so that may have skewed my opinion.

I might like it better when we add shelves and replace the chair with this.

Which started out life (with us) like this.

But I’m not holding my breath.

I may feel better about doing projects once my car doesn’t look like this anymore. (Though technically I don’t have to see it, seeing as it’s at the body shop. We’ll be reunited once some insurance red tape is taken care of.)

I really want to tackle a carport soon, but we just haven’t had time (or sunny weather). I’m thinking about something like this (yes, I realize that’s a pergola) off this site that Britt recommended a few posts ago.

Please tell me I’m not the only one feeling like this?

I’m sure it’s nothing a latte, my new $6 rugby stripe scarf (some cold weather- I’m looking at you, North Florida), and a weekend off won’t cure. And it wouldn’t hurt if a certain team could beat the pants off our former division rival.

18 Comments to “Let’s Be Honest”

  1. I know exactly how you feel.

  2. Cooler weather on way this weekend should help give those of us in North Florida a little more energy to tackle and finish some projects. Cooler for us in the “all things are relative” department…no snarky comments needed from those who may be enjoying a real fall season. Fall for us means “less humidity, clear skies, ten degrees off our maximum.” If you are one of those lucky people who live where there is a storybook fall season I say toss the projects aside and get out there and dance in it. And we will do the same here in January.

  3. You are not the only one!! I love reading your blog because it makes me feel better about our renovation projects – which are also taking forever. Some people seem to get things done so quickly, but not us.

    At least it’s warmer where you are! We’re trying to cram in all our outdoor work since we’re already getting snow reports – BOO!

    • Thanks Withywindle! Glad to know we are not the only ones with reno projects that refuse to end!

      Let’s go halvsies on the weather, then we can both have cool-but-snow-free days! You hear that Mother Nature? Make it happen.

  4. Don’t worry things will get better soon. Its a blah time of year right now. At least you’re starting projects eventually you’ll finish them =)

  5. I’m just now catching up on your blog, while impatiently waiting for Todd so we can go to Lowes to of course work on a project that will probably never get on the blog. Yeah I’m a horrible blogger. However I am DYING to see what you do with the office and why do you not love it?!

    I love the new pages…I know I need to do something like this but I can’t bring myself to show our whole house…as in our bedroom which has NEVER been photographed or published on the poor lonely blog! I can’t wait to see what you do and finish!

    • Thanks Jami!

      I’m just not 100% sold on the wall color or the desk color. Also, not having the sides painted throws me off when sitting at the desk. And the paint scuffs too easily (stupid “high def” paint). We need a trip to Ikea for a few things, and then we’ll see. We may end up repainting with a color we already have.

      Don’t worry! I haven’t shown the 4th bedroom, laundry, or guest room closet. And it took me months to show the backyard and back porch.

  6. We’ve had wind and rain. I hear ya.

  7. I hear you on the busy schedule! If you want to tackle the wire spaghetti mess I love these:

  8. Dude! Love it! Can you attach the surge protectors upside down under the desk so at least the wires will be snaking along the underside instead of the floor?

    Also! Question! Is your office blue or purple? You keep saying blue but it totally looks purple. I like it. You might like it more especially once you hang stuff so it evens out the color!

    • Thanks Elisa!

      We are considering mounting the surge protector under the desk, but we actually need to add an outlet inside the closet (right now we have the surge protector plugged in behind the flat files – just to the right of the doorway). We are also thinking about mounting an Ekby Alex from Ikea below the desk surface, so the surge protector and wires will be mostly covered by that. We’ll see where things end up.

      As for the color, I would say it’s more of a blue color, but definitely has purple undertones. I’m having trouble getting it to read right on camera. It’s somewhere between periwinkle, cobalt and a deep royal blue. I defnitely want to hang some things (shelves, memo boards, etc) before making a final decision on the color.

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