Guest Bath Redux: Pay it Forward

by Cait

Yesterday I gave an update on our guest bath purchases, and today I spent the morning taking inventory of all of our purchases in the storage closet guest bedroom and listing anything we won’t be using on eBay. We have been fortunate to score some pretty great deals thus far in our remodel, so it only seemed fair to sell what we have decided not to use. Hopefully we can help someone else out with there own updates or remodel.

some of what we scored: tub & shower handles from eBay  (shown with shower diverter escutcheon from Period Bath)

So, in case anyone is interested- up for sale are:

A Delta Victorian faucet spout (we were planning to pair it with the metal cross handles purchased from ReStore in this post but changed our minds). Spout and seals only, does not include valves or handles. $15

A vintage porcelain shower diverter escutcheon (not needed, since we splurged on one from Period Bath). Period Bath actually has the same escutcheon selling for $75, and I’d bet this one would look just just as good after a short soak in boiling water. $20

Look familiar to anyone? If you answered “hey, isn’t that the programmable thermostat you just bought?” you would be correct! Funny thing, that eBay. Apparently some sellers do not feel the need to be specific about which model of the Honeywell Vision Pro 8000 series they are selling and they don’t accept returns. And some buyers are Buy-It-Now happy when seeing a thermostat for $50 less than retail price. True story.

Anyway, this is the TH8110OU1003 model. Otherwise known as a 1 Heat, 1 Cool model for Conventional and Heat Pump systems, so long as they don’t have auxiliary heat from heat strips. Our house has heat strips, rendering this useless to me. $90 (or willing to trade anyone with a TH8320 or RTH8500 model they don’t want).

I also may be willing to sell these two light fixtures:

former guest bath fixture, as seen at the top of this post

bought for the guest bath but may be too small in relation to mirror

So there you have it. We’re definitely not trying to pressure y’all into buying anything, most of this is already listed on eBay, but I figured I’d mention it here in case anyone is interested. (And if anyone is interested, feel free to comment here or email me at for more information.) We’re not looking to get rich off of any of these items, just recoup what we spent on them. Anything that doesn’t sell will be donated to our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

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