Etsy Shop: Soft Opening

by Cait

Last night we took a break from bathroom demo, Robert listed some things on eBay and I listed some things in our Etsy store. For right now all I have listed is a couple of photos and prints, and I listed them as digital files (but we do have a printer capable of printing up to 13×19 as well, so maybe I will change the listings to mention that we can print and ship them upon request). I’m easing myself into this whole thing, the main intent behind the store is to sell things like cage lights made from metal coat hangers, old neon letters, hairpin legs, keychains made from Scrabble tiles, maybe some wine bottle stoppers, and pretty much whatever else we can get out hands on. Kind of the whole trash-to-treasure idea.

This is a prototype Ryan made a while ago, we want to work on making them more uniform.

We bought Ryan a neon R from a local salvage yard, and we’re contemplating selling them, too.

Once I find the files (I somehow hid them from myself) I’ll probably list the ones below as well, if there is any interest.

Hopefully we will have more things to list this weekend or next week.

10 Responses to “Etsy Shop: Soft Opening”

  1. Exciting! I am impressed that you manage this in between the bathroom project.

    It’s probably wise to have a relaxed attitude towards it and take it one step at a time. Good luck and I look forward to see more things there!

    • Thaks Ever! We’ve been thinking about opening a shop for a while, so we just decided to go ahead and start listing things to see what happens.

  2. Wow I really like the neon letter. You have some great unique things for sale. I will have to check out your Etsy store.

  3. oh my gosh! Those cage lights are AMAZING!!!! I LOVE them!

  4. OOOO!!! I’m loving these items! Heading to check out the store now!


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