Planters Nuts

by Cait

Here is what our yard is looking like these days, after Sunday’s adventure.

After my post Monday, I went a little nuts thinking about planters (more than someone with a brown thumb really should) and remembered this post by Erica at Urban Grace Interiors.  I think our house really wants some CB2 Oscar planters (below), which are sadly from several seasons ago and I can’t find any. (Ok, really I want the giant cylinders from the Urban Grace post I linked or something awesome from a local salvage yard, but these would be nice, too.)

I also would not be opposed if some Grey Fiberstone Large Planter‘s from Crate and Barrel made their way to my house. I don’t know that Robert likes their square, modern look though (which is probably good, since we can’t afford them and I don’t feel like begging Ryan to weld some metal ones).

We’ll probably end up going with something like small galvanized troughs from the hardware store. The one below even has Lantana like Leslie suggested in the comments yesterday.

seen on re-nest, originally from here

I think I like the shape of the one below better. I might plant some of the purple Wandering Jew (on the left side below), too.

from Urban Grace Interiors

Has anyone else gone nutty thinking about planters recently?


10 Comments to “Planters Nuts”

  1. Ok… even though the front of your house may feel empty… doesn’t it feel liberating??? I know we felt that way! Liberated from all the nasty, poorly planned greenery!

    Totally LOVE of all of your planter ideas! We’ve been toying with putting some galvinized ones in our back yard, but we haven’t gotten there yet. If we end up doing them, I’ll let you know how it goes!

  2. for the oval ones a great place to look would be a tractor supply or a farm supply store.

  3. I’m right there with you. I’m -dying- to mess with our front and backyard but there is SO much to do inside the house that I really really have to grit my teeth and ignore that for now. Maybe I can talk my Little Man into digging up some …uh, wildflowers on the corner of the front yard so I can whip up a quick temporary veggie bed for now. We’ll see.

  4. I really want to put planters in front of my house to prettify the ugly exterior! The thing is.. I live in an ugly alley of a street in a super crowded urban area. My neighborhood has ninetysome bars and is the area where everyone in the city goes to go out. Soo I’m afraid that I’m going to spend money on planters and potting mix and plants and then they’re going to get destroyed by some drunk person. People even a street over have lots of plants outside and they seem fine, but their street also looks a lot more residential in general and is a block farther away from Bar City, which makes a surprisingly big difference to how many people wander down it.

    • Oh that’s sad, Kim! Would something like window boxes work, or do you think those would get destroyed too?

      • My front window is at eye/hand level, so that actually might be worse because it wouldn’t even require bending down or reaching up. I do have an enclosed back patio/yard thing that I could definitely decorate, but it needs some work and it’s super shady and has a really ugly view of the back of my landlord’s place(I also share the space with their dog, which is more of a bonus than a problem, but I don’t know if he’d damage/eat things), so I don’t have the same desire to decorate back there.

        I think I may just pickup a super cheap planter(I’ve seen some ugly but sufficiently sized ones at Family Dollar), maybe pretty it up a bit with some paint I have on hand from previous projects, and then pop some cheap annuals in it. That way I’m not out much if it gets damaged. I’ve been setting my container planted vegetables out on the front step lately for the whole morning/afternoon when I’m home lately and they’ve been fine, but I wouldn’t trust plants that I started from seed months ago outside on a Friday or Saturday night.

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