It Was Bound to Happen

by Cait

Alternate Title: Emily Told Me So

Ok, so I caved and made a Pinterest account. Mostly it is things I already shared on the blog and the best of what’s in my Houzz ideabooks. Also? I organized my board alphabetically.

Later on I’ll add an icon for both of them on the sidebar, but for now? Queso.¬†Hope everyone had a great weekend!

PS- I can’t seem to find anyone I’m looking for, so help a girl out! Who else has Pinterest? I know everyone has been gushing about it…

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26 Comments to “It Was Bound to Happen”

  1. I recently got on it just to try it out, and now I’m totally hooked :)

  2. Invite me!

    Also… 11:30 today should be the time the papers are signed!

  3. Still patiently waiting for my account :o) I’ve been collecting ideas and inspiration in a simple folder on my desktop but Pinterest is so much more handy!

  4. I think everyone is signing up for an account and since people rave about it I think I need to get an account. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

  5. I just got sucked into Pinterest too! Also their iphone app was just released! Good thing since it’s (now) blocked at work.

    • Hooray, more company! I downloaded the app, but I think they’re going to have to make some updates on it (or maybe I’m just too daft to make it work the same way), I just end up going to the full site on my phone.

  6. Totally addicting. And it’s now so easy to keep track of everything. I’m in love. Excited to see what you pin!

  7. Told you that you’d like it.


    • Darn it, I forgot to subtitle this “Emily told me so”! ;)

      Yeah, I think I was just pre-coffee grumpy and it didn’t want to play nice.

  8. I recently just discovered it! I am now living for those “re-pin” notification emails they make me feel so validated! Lol! Just stumbled across your blog. Love it! -Emily

  9. Loving pintrest! here I am
    You will notice I already pinned someof you images :) I am going to look for you today!

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