Living Room Remix

by Cait

Our living room is a pain in my behind.  It’s a pain to to photograph, which I blame the tiny windows combined with the dark ceiling and the size of the whole room (it’s about 20×20) it is not at all a reflection on my photography skills. It’s a pain because the floor is two slightly different levels.  Not big enough to warrant a step, just about an inch or two lower, so a former owner stuck a piece of quarter round all the way along.  I guess as a visual so that people don’t break their necks?  It’s a pain because we hate the carpet but can’t afford to put down wood yet, and I can’t figure out what kind of area rug would look good over it’s fugliness.

We pretty much painted it and plunked the furniture down.  The last load of furniture that we moved was kind of haphazard, and if I remember correctly, the couch was set down facing the back door…  So I moved it like this by myself while Robert was at work to how y’all know it.

Living RoomPlease ignore the jumbled mess under the coffee table, it doesn’t usually look like that so I didn’t notice it.

Cue this post from Yellow Brick Home, and some thinking I did on our long drive to Ikea that I mentioned here. On the drive I started wondering if moving things around would make it look less “I give up” and more “defined spaces”.  I asked Robert his opinion and he agreed to help me switch things around when we got home.

Whoever sees the other glaringly obvious reason the living room is a pain gets a cookie. Two cookies if you never mention it again.

This is what we came up with so far, although we still have some other things that we want to do to.  I’m thinking about some sort of blinds or curtains but I’m not sold on the idea yet. Also I am not in love with the recliner at all, but a new chair is not in the budget right now.  In the future we would like an Ikea Expedit 5×5 behind the sofa as a room divider to create am entryway kind of space by the back door with storage, which will be especially helpful for when we take bike rides.  It’s taking some getting used to, but we really like it so far, it seems to define the areas better.

Have you rearranged any rooms in your house lately?  If so I’d love to see them!

4 Responses to “Living Room Remix”

  1. Now there’s a room with possibilities. I’d love to see the reverse angle.

  2. I’ll try to post a reverse angle soon, recently I’ve been getting home so late it’s way too dark to take pictures for the blog. Hopefully this weekend I can get a good one, if not sooner.


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