Dining Room Revamp & Other Swaps

by Cait

Robert and I were very fortunate to receive a lot of furniture from family when we bought our house in 2009. Over the past two years we’ve been able to settle into our house without breaking the bank on furniture, buying everything at Ikea, or having a bunch of empty rooms. It’s also been very comforting to be surrounded by familiar furniture.

Having said that, we’re starting to get to the point with our house where we want to swap out a few pieces to make our home fit our style better.

If you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed me pining for a set of metal Tolix style chairs. I thought they’d look great with our existing table that I bought with my grandma years ago. I finally found two reproduction chairs I thought were perfect, but I could never pull the trigger on them (I even missed a sale on the chairs on the left – $79/each with free shipping).

left from Home Decorators, right from Industry-West

After seeing Kara Paslay’s new Eames chairs the idea of mid-century modern chairs with a farmhouse table was planted in the back of my mind. Our table is very much like the one Kara has, though the base of our table is dark green instead of white.

 Kara Paslay’s dining room

I came up with this design board for our dining room. The room is already painted (I’ve been a bad blogger and haven’t shared any daytime shots of the green below the chairrail), the light was a DIY about a year ago, you saw the chairs here, and the rug will be moved from the living room. As for the other bits, I’ve been lusting after that vase for quite a while, and I’ve been toying with the idea of adding french doors & a faux transom between the living room and dining room.

Here’s how it turned out:

yes, the Christmas decorations are still up

Since we swiped the living room rug, we picked up a replacement from RugsUSA.com. It was 50% off, and with some Paypal money from Etsy and eBay sales we only spent $49.

Morroccan Trellis Rug Navy

please ignore the squished couch cushions

I’d love to add some better lighting behind the couch and over the round table (which has taken the place of the rectangular one in front of the birch trees), but we have some things to take care of first (you know, the bathroom, and our Pinterest Partayy project).

What have y’all been up to?

10 Comments to “Dining Room Revamp & Other Swaps”

  1. I love how bold that rug is! I’ve been eyeing it up for our nursery.

    • Thanks Sara! It’s a little thinner than I thought it might be at first, but it’s quite cushy and soft! I think it would be fantastic for your nursery!

  2. This looks really good! I love the chairs and actually prefer them in your space. They really give a little extra uniqueness. The rug is seriously pretty! Such great spaces.

    • Thanks Kim!

      I’m glad I went with these chairs for the dining room. I think I still want some reproduction Tolix chairs for the back porch (eventual sunroom) or the patio, but I really love the dining room right now.

      The rug is making me seriously happy :)

  3. I spy a puppy napping in a chair! :)
    Love the splash of colour the Moroccan rug adds. The space between your dining room & front room looks like the perfect candidate for spacial division like a transom, if you’ve got the head space (which it looks like you do) then the only real concern is your width and foot traffic flow, in regards to the doors, but both are pretty easy work arounds (foot traffic can evolve and doors are always framed in- if you need to add a little extra wall to make it fit, it’s not a huge undertaking).

    • Haha oh yes, Dottie has claimed that chair.

      I love the punch of color from the rug, too :) Can’t wait to see what it looks like when we lay hardwood in the living room.

      I love the idea of a transom! I was thinking about adding a faux transom over the doorway from the dining room to the living room for interest (you can see that doorway here), but I also like the idea of a spacial division between the dining room and library. We’ll have to look into a transom after we finish up our entry way project. :)

  4. It’s like those chairs were meant for your dining room!!

    It looks like the dogs agree with your living room choices. :)

  5. I think I believe in love at first sight now after seeing that rug.

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