Sunrise on the Beach

by Cait

Our free sample from Valspar should be arriving today, so I thought I’d share the plan.  Since I don’t want to share full shots of the exterior of our house, I am going to be annoying and use this picture of part of the front of our house for reference.  Just ignore the untamed bushes, we have been for a year and a half. 


We hope to paint the house Valspar’s Sunrise Beach, which is a yellow slightly brighter and more saturated than the Spun Honey we used in several rooms inside.  The bricks below the windows will go white, and the shutters will either stay white or be painted a similar shade to our front door (which is Gray Teal).  Maybe Atlantic Gray?  I think we’re undecided on whether we want the planter to remain the color of the house or go white.

Front Door

What do y’all think about white shutters vs blue shutters?  Should the planter stay the same color as the house?  Also, if anyone else has curb appeal projects planned I’d love to hear about them!

10 Responses to “Sunrise on the Beach”

  1. I just discovered your blog and LOVE it. I can’t wait to read more. I feel your pain with your yard and the things you need to do. We just bought a house a couple months ago and the yard in the front and back needs lots of TLC.

  2. I like the ideas you’ve presented. I think I’d probably make the shutters the same colour as the front door and change up the planter (so it’s not completely matching). It sounds like a ton of work, but the results should be stunning.



  3. Thanks Shelley! We’re still not completely sure what direction to go in as far as the shutters and the planter, so all suggestions are appreciated! :)

  4. I would keep the shutters white and plaint the planter white, just for some cohesion. I think a single pop of color at the door is great. We have yardwork to do, but I don’t know a definite plan yet. I’m dbating whether or not I want a raised garden bed. But we have exterior areas that we need to change the soffit and fascia. And someday we need to replace the uneven concrete patio with a slightly raised wooden deck. I’m sure a million other things, too. Good luck on painting!!

    • Thanks for the suggestions, Amanda! Good luck with your yardwork!

      I know that since we don’t have a full picture of out house up it’s pretty impossible to visualize, but we are thinking about painting the shutters because the front door is not visible from the street. The door is on the right side of the front porch, perpendicular to the front of the house. (Our floorplan might show this better than I can describe.)


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