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October 13, 2010

YHL is Full of Good Ideas

by Cait

I love it when YHL gives me ideas for how to improve things about our house!  As I mentioned in our DIY Wish List, I really, really want to transform our 14×28 foot unfinished screen porch into a sunroom like the one John & Sherry have.

From YHL

I have always thought that something like this would be wonderful in Florida, especially if we found a way to regulate the temperature a little better.  Currently our porch has two fans, which help a lot since even the screened top portion of our porch’s walls do not provide the best airflow in the sorching summer heat.  I know that glassing the porch in will make it even hotter, so I love the idea of keeping at least one of the fans and adding sliding glass doors like in John & Sherry’s sunroom.  Anyone familiar with out blog is probably aware of the fact that most ceiling fans tend to bug me, unless they are something fun & quirky or simple & unobtrusive.  I had recently mentioned to Robert that I would really like the Sanibel Fan by Hunter for our porch/future sunroom, but they’re not exactly as budget friendly the $50 special from Home Depot or Lowe’s. 

From Hunter Fan Co

 Then this past weekend I was jonesing for a ReStore fix we happened to stop into our local Habitat fo Humanity ReStore and they had this exact fan for $50!  I was stoked!  I love me some gently used home decor (plus I’m not exactly keen on the idea of shelling out 300 bucks for an outdoor fan that will probably get gross).

Now you’re all thinking “That’s fantastic, Cait, but John & Sherry have never mentioned a fan in their sunroom.  So get to the point!”  Well, anyone who saw the post on YHL today may have already guessed my point: YHL recently added a baseboard heater to their sunroom, gaining extra, livable square feet.

Both from YHL

Again, you’re thinking “Great, but John & Sherry live in Virginia and you live in Florida, so…?”  Well, sometimes in the winter it gets ridiculously cold in Florida, ok?  I know, anyone who lives north of here just fell out of their chairs laughing at me, but last winter we had a record breaking streak of nights with below freezing temperatures.  This was especially annoying when our heater went out we wanted to use our porch.  And also as YHL mentioned, depending on your states guidelines, adding a simple baseboard heater to a sunroom instantly adds square footage to your house.  In YHL’s case this bumped their house from 1300 to 1550 square feet, and for us it means that when we convert our porch to a sunroom and add a baseboard heater it’ll jump from 1850 (which is already plenty, trust me) to a whopping 2240!  I know that converting our porch to a sunroom will cost more than the $250 John & Sherry spent to gain more square footage, but it makes the idea of converting our porch even more appealing.  Just another way in which I have to bow down to the genius that is YHL and steal their ideas borrow their ideas and give wicked props to them for the inspiration.

September 10, 2010

Ruh Roh

by Cait

Dear YHL,

I love you, and I am addicted to your crack-like blog, but I just bought a piece of art I didn’t really need thanks to your post this morning and the fact that it was a green and yellow giclee on canvas in the style of art that I did my IB Extended Essay on in high school.  Apparently nostalgia + my favorite color = disaster.  Oh well, it’s disaster that will look lovely in our living room.

Image from Amazon, bought piece at Bulx



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