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May 24, 2011

Life of the Party

by Cait

I had a short day at work yesterday, so when I got home I spent a while clearing some underbrush out from along the fence line in the backyard. The below is the before. Sadly? The after doesn’t look much different (to me anyway – Robert says it looks much better, so that’s good).

Also I think I may have been weeding out Poison Sumac (or so says Google). Joyful. I didn’t follow any of the suggestions mentioned in the comments here on Re-Nest, but this morning I seem to be mostly rash-free. Sweet!

I’m going to pretend (for Robert’s very low-key party) that the yard has a fence like this:

from Cottage in the Oaks

And lights like this:

from Pottery Barn

In actuality (especially with the bathroom remodel & a tight budget), I think we’re going to string some already-owned mini-bulb Christmas lights up and I might use some left over fabric as a table runner (or turn it into a banner). Which is probably more Robert’s style anyhow, seeing as he doesn’t want to have a party. I guess what I’m planning is not so much a party as an informal gathering anyhow. We’re not really birthday people and a lot of the people we would have invited have kids’ birthdays and weddings going on that same day/weekend. 

from The Sweetest Occasion

So despite the fact that I want to spend $100+ on patio lights, make balloon garlands, tissue paper pom-poms, and just generally decorate the yard like the picture above, I think our budget is going to mainly be spent on food and drinks instead. Maybe we’ll have a just-beacuse party when the bathroom is done. 

That being said, here is my ideal backyard party design board if our budget were unlimited (although everything is pretty inexpensive or DIYed anyhow).

Anyone else have summer party plans in the works? I’d love to hear about your plans!