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April 15, 2011

Pallet Talk

by Cait

Please tell me if this is a crazy idea.

We want a deck like the one below, but we don’t want to spend that much money on the wood to build it (since we also need stain, protectant, and Robert said something about wanting a new nailgun).

from desire to inspire

What we do have, however, is this:

And there’s more where that came from. Any ideas where this is going? Anyone? Bueller?

Ok, maybe I am crazy. I’m thinking we could possibly lay out some pallets as the frame since they’re about the right heigh, and then either use more pallet wood to make the deck surface or cough up the dough to buy that part.  Then I want to add the lights below-left around the edge and below-right on the eaves of the porch. Or I might just ask for Ryan’s help with LEDs around the edge of the deck. Something so that people don’t trip, die, and sue me. (You didn’t know people could sue from beyond the grave? TV says they can. Also, look Lisa, I’m thinking about liabilities!)

both from Lowe’s; left here, right here

So what do you think. Will it work? Am I insane? Discuss!

September 13, 2010

Pallet Craft Update

by Cait

In the wake of this weekend’s football, new baby cuteness and DIY Fail I am stopping in this morning with a quick update about the stack of pallets in our yard.  And because I am evil I’m not going to reveal exactly what we’re doing with the pallets, but they do have something to do with the guest room.

Last week we went to Lowe’s and bought an air compressor and brad nailer kit, thinking that we could surely break down the pallets quickly and with this new toy in hand the actual pallet-crafting portion would be no problem.

Well, the breaking the pallets down part didn’t go quite as well as we were hoping, even though we followed the advice of Katie over at Bower Power.  I think this is because we were using an 18v battery-powered sawzall (it’s all we had!) instead of a corded one like Jeremy probably used and the pallets we have are probably a lot older than what they had.  So Robert went back to Lowe’s and bought a big-ass crowbar (yes, that’s a technical term, kind of like a BFH. …what, you don’t know what a BFH is? no worries, you’re not missing much), which he quickly determined is probably going to work better for him for this task (possibly combined with borrowing his dad’s corded sawzall).

That’s all I have to say this morning, but we’re hoping that Plan D with the liquor cabinet paper works, so I have something slightly more exciting to post about tomorrow.  Hopefully everyone is still on an opening weekend football high like I am!