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August 13, 2010

The Painters Are In

by Cait

Dots is helping me contemplate paint colors today.  She says she doesn’t believe any of that “dogs are colorblind” nonsense, and she can totally help me pick a color.  Look at that concentration.

Mom, I’m totally going to pick the perfect color.

We actually have two projects we’re working on today: the window seat and the hutch.  The window seat is Dottie’s brain child, since she sits on it more than me likes to help with this kind of thing.

The hutch currently has paint swatches taped on both sides so we can study them in natural and artificial light.

The hutch is my project.  The latest YHL Reader Redesign had me craving paint swatches, sample cans and a paint brush so my hutch could stop being covered in faux dust (as I mentioned in Lighting Woes the hutch has paint overspray on it).  I’m thinking to top swatch (Valspar Restless Seas) is going to be my winner.

I’m also trying to pick a color for the inside, and I’m leaning towards the color second from the left- Valspar East Coast from the Seaside Retreat line.

This doesn’t smell like the right choice.

Dots has sniffed out the perfect color, too.  She’s thinking of using that quart of Valspar La Fonda Grassy Knoll in the shed (ironically originally purchased for the hutch).

This is hard work, Mom.

Do you have a helper with projects like this, or am I crazy for having a dog that seems to enjoy redoing furniture?

Check back later today or tomorrow to see how our projects turned out!

Update: See how the window seat turned out here and how the hutch tuned out here.

August 10, 2010

Living With An Exterior Color You Didn’t Pick

by Cait

When we bought our house it had just been painted by the person who flipped it.  Unfortunately for us, the color he chose was pink salmon peach.  We’re trying to look at the bright side: the house was recently painted so we don’t have to shell out the thousand or so dollars for 15-20 gallons of paint and spend hours in the Florida sun painting.  We decided to spend a little money instead on things to tone the color down a little.


One of the first things we did was pick up a bench off the side of the road and paint it green (Valspar La Fonda Grassy Knoll) using paint we had picked up for another project.  Then we found a ceramic garden stool at HomeGoods, and added that to the mix and placed a coral cactus we picked up at Lowe’s on top of it.  In the interest of full disclosure, that is our firewood that is left over from this past winter still sitting on our porch next to the T-111, attracting bugs waiting to be put in the table base turned firewood holder in the library.  You can also see the mailbox we want to replace with one of these in white (or really we’d prefer the English version if we can find one).


We are thinking of painting the bricks under the window white, especially if the paint that was left in the old shed is any good, and painting the planter a color other than peach as well.  Oh, and no, there isn’t really a reason our bushes aren’t properly trimmed and maintained… unless you count it being too hot in Florida to work outside 9 months out of the year, plants being dead the other three months, and the fact that Robert works full time while going to school as a reason.  Which I do.  We plan to rip the bushes/large weeds out so you can see the planter anyhow, especially since they were half dead/full of weeds when we bought the house, so they just haven’t gotten attention yet.

Screen shot 2010-08-10 at 11.09.14 AM

We painted the front door a color that coordinated with the peach (Valspar Grey Teal), instead of the white that it was.  And after that we could live with the peach.

chipping paint

Then this started happening.  Part of this is caused by the string trimmer getting too close to the house and then (of course) it just started peeling where the trimmer hit it.  Lovely.  On the plus side, you can’t see any of this from the street, but it has raised the “should we paint the exterior” question again, especially since it will be getting cooler outside soon.

Are you in love with your exterior color, or does it need some tweaking to make it more your style?