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July 15, 2011

Curb Your Enthusiasm

by Cait

Does anyone else ever feel like they are stylistically confused? As I mentioned in the last post, I’ve been planning a mini makeover for the front porch. I also mentioned in this post that the style we’re going for with the exterior of our house is rustic & electic modern with traditional & Spanish influences (no, I still have not figured out a better way to say that). 

This is what I’m considering:

door hardwarelight; paint color; mailbox; brushed nickel doorbell; house number; Mexican tiles; brass doorbell; iron doorbell; steel house numbers

We recently got a great deal on new front door hardware, thanks to Robert and our friend Lisa pointing out a mixup with price stickers at Lowe’s. It was actually marked $59.99 instead of $122, but the manager on duty would only go as low as $80. Legally we technically could have made him sell it to us for the marked price, but $80 sounded like a good deal to us. Robert & I bought one for our house, and Lisa & Jordan bought one for their new house. You can see our old hardware below, from when Robert & I were trying to decide on an exterior paint color (still no progress on that venture, but we’re thinking tan with light blue shutters.)

We decided on a new porch light (though I think the one at our Lowe’s is actually black instead of brushed nickel, which is fine with us). We’d also like to paint the ceiling a light blue from the Valspar Creative Ideas for Color line at Lowe’s, but we need to work on the porch ceiling. There are a couple of weird trim piece that need to be removed but we’re not sure if they are covering wires or just seams in the ceiling. Hopefully that will be fairly simple. (Famous last words?) 

sorry for the old, crooked iPhone picture

Then comes the issue of house numbers. Hopefully you understand that I don’t want to show you our actual house number, but I cant tell you it’s a DIY project we tackled pre-blog. I covered 6 inch ceramic tiles with scrapbook paper, stenciled the numbers on, and then we framed it with some molding we already had. The whole thing probably cost about $2 (for the scrapbook paper), and I’m ready for a change. I really like the idea of using Mexican tiles on the front of our steps (which is why I’ve pinned a few on my Curb Appeal board). I feel like these blue house numbers would go along with those  nicely with those tiles, and I also think they would pair well with our Swedish mailbox that Robert’s parents gave me for my birthday. 

On the other hand, I also like the style of these steel house numbers (and the idea that they could be backlit with LEDs).  I made a mock-up of how it would look if we mounted the steel numbers under the library window. Our current house numbers can be a bit hard to see up on the porch, even with the light on, and the tile numbers I’ve been eyeing are ever smaller. Maybe adding some well-lit ones beneath the window would help that?

Putting my Photoshop skillz to good use, though the tiles would be more random than that.

As for choosing a doorbell, I know that mixed metals are in right now, but I think it should probably be brushed nickel since it will be so close to the door hardware. I’m leaning toward the satin nickel one above, from Restoration Hardware. We’re going to have to figure out a way to move the doorbell to the right side of the door, because the ones we’re considering are probably too wide to fit in the same place as the current narrow one. Moving it to the other side may be tricky, thanks to the stucco/plaster wall and possibly having to rewire things in the attic. Here’s hoping we can work something out with all of that.

Replacing the doorbell sort of dovetails into an entryway project. If we replace the button we will probably end up also replacing the door chime, which is currently mounted on the wall to the right of the hallway entrance. Then that segues into a fireplace project because I want to remove the tile, which wraps around on three sides.

Very old photo, best one to show where the door chime is.

We’ll probably try to tackle the porch ceiling and light this weekend, and then work our way from there.

Do y’all have one design style or is it more of a hodgepodge like ours? What about mixing metals? And does anyone else notice that one project leads into the next, and the next, and so on?

September 19, 2010

Fall Foliage Update

by Cait

As I mentioned in the last post, I was kicking around the idea of doing more with out centerpiece, so with a little inspiration from Young House Love, our backyard and another trip to HomeGoods I changed things up with the centerpiece.

The seeded glass (we like seeded glass a lot) hurricane was $12.99 from HomeGoods, the corks were free from my mom, and the branches were free from our backyard.  We may add more cork or more branches later, or just use some to change up the mantle.

Has anyone else changed their mind on about design decisions recently?

August 6, 2010

Our Style

by Cait

I sometimes describe our style as Pottery Barn meets artist’s loft.  Or maybe Shabby Chic with a touch of ReadyMade.  Ok, so I haven’t come up with a term yet, but we tend to go for classic pieces with fun accessories, and as a result we have a few reoccurring style trends throughout our home.

  1. Glass Jars & Metal Canisters- We use these for storage in the kitchen and in the bathroom to hold coffee, sugar, bath salts. They’re a nicer option than the packages things come in from the store, and greener than plastic containers.
  2. glass jar

  3. Baskets- We use them to store things that can’t be stored in jars and cans, like DVDs and toilet paper.
  4. tv console

  5. Mirrors– I have a small obsession with mirrors. (Which is kind of funny, because at one point Robert had an intense hatred of mirrors.) We bought this one at HomeGoods and painted it green to replace we the one in the guest bath, which is slightly smaller and used to hang here, and we have a horizontal version in the hallway to bounce more light in there as well. And that isn’t even mentioning the mirror in the living room, the full length mirror in the bed room, and so on. Oi.
  6. mirror-small

  7. Seeded glass is another decor love of ours. We made this beauty from a glass shade we bought at a local home renovation outlet and a pendant lamp kit from Lowe’s, and then we went back to grab the last two matching shades to make a light fixture for the dining room. And every ceiling fan (we live in Florida, ok?) has seeded glass shades, because the easy upgrade was easier on the pocketbook than buying five new fans.
  8. kitchen light

  9. Fun Accessories- We like to accentuate our house with things to keep it from looking too Pottery Barn (although Pottery Barn is adding more and more of its own fun accessories recently).  Ours range anywhere from this white elephant to a ceramic version of the coffee cups used in New York the red swingline from Office Space
  10. White Elephant

What about you guys, do you any repeats in your homes?  Maybe they’re in a broader sense than ours, like how we have cushy rugs in a couple rooms, and woven textures popping up in several places?