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September 6, 2010

DIY Wish List

by Cait

We all know a DIYer’s work is never done, so I thought I’d post a wish list of what we have been dreaming about for our house.  Currently most of it is outdoor projects, but we have a few things we’re dreaming of inside, too.  I’ve linked to the sites that either inspired or helped shape what we’re dreaming of.

For starters, I really want a patio like the one Sherry & John over at Young House Love have.  Whenever brick pavers go on sale at Lowe’s I start talking about wanting a patio below the living room windows.  We have yet to work out the details on how big we want ours (our backyard is not even close to the size of YHL’s) but big enough for an outdoor table and some lounge chairs would be nice.

From Young House Love

Also I would love to turn our porch (which I don’t think I’ve actually shown on the blog before) into a sunroom like the one Sherry&John have.  We’ll have to do this in a couple of steps because of some of the quirks of our porch (oh, and that whole pool table factor), so this is on the 5 Year Plan kind of time frame for sure.  We may do an intermediate step to make our porch more like Sara at Russet Street Reno‘s first, and then go for something like YHL’s when our budget allows.  Mainly I’m just  longing for windows instead of screens.

From Young House Love

From Russet Street Reno

When we eventually have our sunroom I’d love to add a half bath because I’m lazy it’ll be great while lounging in our future sunroom, playing pool, or easier to get to when enjoying the next item listed below.  I want to do our half bath in a more rustic style, but I didnt see a picture of exactly what I want and since I was already borrowing other images from YHL I figured I’d snag their half bath photos as well (mad props to S&J for having such a gorgeous and inspiring house!)

From Young House Love

This summer I officially added a pool to my list.  When we bought our house we figured that a pool wasn’t necessary because we live with in 20 minutes of a beach, Robert’s parents have a pool, and pools cost too freaking much to maintain.  But this summer it was so hot that Robert and I decided a soak in the guest bath’s garden tub was a good way to cool down after working outside, and we started day dreaming about a small galvanized tub outside to soak in.  Then The Brick House introduced us to the idea of a stock tank pool.  We don’t want ours nearly as deep as the one seen below (but that’s a gorgeous picture, isn’t it?) so it’ll be about $290 from Tractor Supply for one that’s about chest deep when sitting (8’x2′), plus the filter, and maybe a partial deck surrounding it.

From bigBANG studio seen on The Brick House

And with the decision for a pool came the decision that we needed an outdoor shower, for rinsing off before taking a dip.  Really my mom (and Pottery Barn Bathrooms) planted the idea for this, and it will be good for rinsing off after yard work anyway.  One like this could be put on the random concrete pad in the corner outside the living room and laundry room and we would use fence panels to save money (and hassle of building them).  The use of the preexisting pad would also save money and give us a shorter distance to run hot water (which would be nice in fall and, if brave enough, winter).

From Charles and Hudson

And in the incredibly far off plans (you know, after we win the lottery and buy the neighbor’s lot), we’d love to expand the current “guest suite” (guest room, walk-in closet, and bathroom) when we make it our bedroom after our future kids are born, make the laundry room bigger and build a 2 car garage and a wet room style bathroom with an art studio space above (yeah, we’re crazy and would love our 4/2 to eventually be a 4/3.5).

What about y’all?  What additions are you dreaming up for your house?  Or what would your dream house have?

September 3, 2010

Life Happens

by Cait

I was going to post another lead in to a project we’re working on this morning, but sometimes football life happens and it’s too dark to photograph outside, so instead I’m back with more images I’m finding inspirational lately.  And for anyone who thinks my inspiration for this room is all over the map, it is!  We’re going for something a little more modern than the rest of our house, especially since the addition was added a few decades after the house was built and doesn’t always feel like to flows with the style rest of our house anyway.  Until we have the money to make it cohesive, we’re embracing the fact that the guest “suite” is separated from the rest of the house by the living room.  Besides, I’m on a slight modern kick, thanks to West Elm, Ikea,  Manhattan Nest and The Brick House

From Apartment Therapy

This wall reminds me of Katie B’s nursery.
From All About You seen on Design*Sponge

LOVE the light fixture! From The Brick House

Love the idea of a pendant light here. From The Brick House

From Decor Pad

Seen on Ikea Hacker

Hope you enjoyed the inspiration dump.  Happy weekend, y’all!

September 2, 2010

Shoes Required: Part 1

by Cait

Do you ever have one of those projects that seems so simple and then just starts spiraling into something you never saw coming?  Yeah, me too.

Remember this beauty?

shoe cabinet closed

I was poking around online awhile back, and when I got to this post from Amanda over at The Hand Me Down House I realized that 1) while I had considered wrapping paper, I hadn’t even considered contact paper/shelf liner for the boogered up top of the shoe cabinet, and 2) I liked the paper she chose.  So that night Robert & I went to Target that because I had an overwhelming urge to look at the shelf liner. Well, I couldn’t find any in our store, but I did find wrapping paper that I liked, so I bought that along with some knobs for the front of the cabinet (because the knobs/latches pictured are useless).

Then we went home and I forgot about the cabinet for a while and watched football got busy with other things.  That weekend I took the wrapping paper out to the shed and determined that I needed to paint the cabinet because I’m too lazy to sand and re-stain it.  So I spent the rest of the day watching Sex and the City reruns picking a paint color.

Tonight we went to Lowe’s to get supplies for another project we’re working on for a pregnant friend’s nursery, and while we were there we decided to pick up paint for this (and the liquor cabinet, which we figured out is partially wood and partially particle board and was bought by Robert’s dad in 1972).

Thankfully the total cost of this project has remained low so far, even with the spiral.

Oh, and right now the inside of our liquor cabinet looks like this:

August 31, 2010

Easy Update: Picture Ledges

by Cait

On a recent trip to Ikea we picked up three of these, because while we loved (the beginnings of) our asymmetrical arrangement in the library, we wanted to be able to change it up more easily.

Wall of Pictures

The process of hanging the ledges was fairly self explanatory, we just used a level and then marked where to drill through the screw holes.  The main trick was to make sure the top ledge was directly above the bottom ledge.  Enter Robert’s homemade plumb bob (Robert…bob… oh the irony)

Yes, that is twine and an Anthro rosette. No that is not its final use.

This time he simply repeated the process with the level while hanging the plumb off the edge of the ledge this time and moving them until the twine hung straight down and touched the bottom shelf.

And like I said, we bought three ledges.

And to anyone who misses out asymmetrical arrangement, don’t worry, we still have to finish the other one mentioned here, and we have another one up our sleeves.

Total Cost: $45, and since it keeps us from having to patch nail holes when we want to move things around, it’s totally worth it.

August 30, 2010

To Paint, or Not to Paint?

by Cait

We all know that painted wood is a trend right now, but there are certain pieces of furniture in our house that I would never think of taking a paint brush to.

Like my grandmother’s dresser,

my great-grandmother’s cedar chest,

and my grandparents’ tv console.

There are also other pieces that I can’t help but consider painting.

Our liquor cabinet.

While mismatched wood doesn’t usually bother me,  I’ve been thinking that our liquor cabinet would look nice in grey.  Maybe the same grey as the hutch. What are your thoughts? Should I leave it as-in or paint it?

Edit: Ok, the verdict is that parts of the liquor cabinet are real wood, and parts are particle board. Does that change anyone’s opinion?

August 28, 2010

Easy Update: Art Room Organization

by Cait

Our Art Room is office space for both Robert and me, and although we aren’t currently lucky enough to work from home, the space still needs to be functional as a place to blog, create, and in Robert’s case do homework.  With those three functions taking place in one room, it can often get a little cluttered, so on our recent Ikea trip we picked up some things to rectify this situation.

Art RoomThose of you reading since Day 1 probably recognize this photo.

We decided to get some (ironically named) Ekby Robert brackets, Ekby shelves, a Grundtal rail and s-hooks, and a couple of Asker containers.

Robert was excited to get started.

We started by putting the Grundatl rail together, sticking our magnetic level to it, and marking inside the screw holes once it was level on the wall.  We hung it will screws and wall anchors, because we like to be excessive.

Then we marked where we wanted the brackets to go on the shelf so that we could put the shelf together, level the whole thing on the wall, and mark where to attach the bracket.  It might seem like sort of a bass-ackwards way to go about it since we have to take the shelf back off to hang the brackets, but we decided that would work best for us.

After we had the bottom shelf hung, we simply used the tallest object we were planning to put on the shelf as a gauge as to where the top shelf should go, and repeated the process.

The whole process took about twenty minutes.

Cost Breakdown:
Ekby Robert Brackets: 7.50 each
Ekby Östen shelves: 4.99 each
Grundtal Rail: 8.99
Asker Container: 5.99 each
S-hooks: 2.99
Screws & Wall anchors: already owned

Total: 63.97

August 27, 2010

Easy Update: Apron Holder

by Cait

Robert and I love to cook, especially now that our kitchen has new appliances.  The only problem is that I am bound to end up with something down my shirt while doing so because I always forgot to dig my apron out of the pantry.  Enter this five minute fix with two knobs from Hobby Lobby, purchased on 50% off sale.

First we picked the location to put the knobs.

Door frame between kitchen & living room, there is a half wall with a bar opposite this.

Robert used our Ryobi drill to make two small holes.

Screwed the knobs in place.  (His bracelet says “Confused”, not Livestrong, by the way.)

And that was all it took to hopefully keep me from having to use so much stain stick.

The total cost of this project was $3.99 and it only took Robert away from his new remote control rock climber for five minutes.  Sweet!

Have you done any easy updates recently?  Are there any simple additions to your house or kitchen you couldn’t live without?  We’d love to hear about them!

August 27, 2010

Guest Room Glam

by Cait

Our guest room is in need of some love.  We loved the yellow that we carried over from the other main living spaces, but otherwise our guest room is missing a certain something.  Spurred on by a mishmash of inspiration from this post from Manhattan Nest, Kara Paslay’s bedroom & guest room, and some West Elm images burned into my brain, we decided it was time for a little mini make over.

From West Elm

From Kara Paslay Designs, first seen on Young House Love

guest roomComparatively speaking, very blah.

The room definitely needed different window treatments, and we wanted to add in more tan, some grey, and texture, so we decided to trek to Ikea and came back with a pretty good haul and an idea for a mood board.

If the top-center looks empty that’s because I cleverly purposefully left out blur and blur (flagrant Mythbusters reference) until we follow up this project, so check back for that and the during and after pictures of the guestroom later!

So what do you think?  Were we right in thinking the room needed more character?  Have you done any mini makeovers of your own lately?

August 25, 2010

More on the Living Room Remix

by Cait

These are for Eric @ My First Garage who requested a reverse angle picture of the living room switch up seen in this post.

August 24, 2010

Living Room Remix

by Cait

Our living room is a pain in my behind.  It’s a pain to to photograph, which I blame the tiny windows combined with the dark ceiling and the size of the whole room (it’s about 20×20) it is not at all a reflection on my photography skills. It’s a pain because the floor is two slightly different levels.  Not big enough to warrant a step, just about an inch or two lower, so a former owner stuck a piece of quarter round all the way along.  I guess as a visual so that people don’t break their necks?  It’s a pain because we hate the carpet but can’t afford to put down wood yet, and I can’t figure out what kind of area rug would look good over it’s fugliness.

We pretty much painted it and plunked the furniture down.  The last load of furniture that we moved was kind of haphazard, and if I remember correctly, the couch was set down facing the back door…  So I moved it like this by myself while Robert was at work to how y’all know it.

Living RoomPlease ignore the jumbled mess under the coffee table, it doesn’t usually look like that so I didn’t notice it.

Cue this post from Yellow Brick Home, and some thinking I did on our long drive to Ikea that I mentioned here. On the drive I started wondering if moving things around would make it look less “I give up” and more “defined spaces”.  I asked Robert his opinion and he agreed to help me switch things around when we got home.

Whoever sees the other glaringly obvious reason the living room is a pain gets a cookie. Two cookies if you never mention it again.

This is what we came up with so far, although we still have some other things that we want to do to.  I’m thinking about some sort of blinds or curtains but I’m not sold on the idea yet. Also I am not in love with the recliner at all, but a new chair is not in the budget right now.  In the future we would like an Ikea Expedit 5×5 behind the sofa as a room divider to create am entryway kind of space by the back door with storage, which will be especially helpful for when we take bike rides.  It’s taking some getting used to, but we really like it so far, it seems to define the areas better.

Have you rearranged any rooms in your house lately?  If so I’d love to see them!