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March 16, 2011

Nice Exterior

by Cait

Ok, so we don’t exactly have a nice exterior, but I was trying to make a lame posterior joke.

I rarely talk about our house’s exterior on this blog, because I don’t really want to post pictures of it in full.  Aside from using our front porch as a header and talking about how we painted our door, I haven’t talked about curb appeal at all.  I know that a lot of people paint their house shortly after buying it, but our house was freshly painted when we bought it, so we tried to live with it.  Now after living here for going-on-two-years (and who knows how long from when the seller painted it until we bought it) the paint that is starting to peel in some areas and we have both decided we are really, really, really tired of pink salmon peach.  (Robert frequently finishes directing people to our house by saying “and then look for the pink house with my truck out front”.)

Surprise, surprise, we are considering yellow.  Shocking I know, what with the four yellow rooms in our house.  It’s mostly it is because I am lazy and do not want to repaint the front door (Valspar Grey Teal) or the bench  (Valspar La Fonda Grassy Knoll).

The shades of yellow we are considering are: (top card left to right) Dreamy Caramel, Maple Cream, Coconut Scent; (second card down) Butterscotch Cream, Spun Honey, Lemon Sorbet; Sunrise Beach and Yellow Frost.  We used Spun Honey (second card, middle) in the four yellow rooms of our house, but we are thinking about going a little brighter and deeper for the exterior.  What are y’all’s thoughts?

Also since we are talking about the porch, this is my birthday present from my lovely in-laws:

Swedish Mailbox

I suppose I should mention that we are not paid in any way by Valspar, we just really, really like their paint.