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March 29, 2011

Design Board: The Backyard & The Porch

by Cait

The soundtrack to this post is here.

Now that we have internet back, I re-upload the photos from this postthis post and this post under a different file type.  Now hopefully anyone who they wouldn’t load for before will be able to see the pictures.  Because who doesn’t want to see the Backyard of Dooooooooom Tour?  (Yes, Lisa, this means you.  And anyone else they wouldn’t work for.)

Over the weekend we knocked out three of the things on our To Do List, which consequently knocked out our internet. (It’s always something, isn’t it?)  Then yesterday there were lots of lovely rumors flying around about the company I work for,  so in order to keep my sanity, I decided to daydream about the backyard and the porch.

The Backyard

1. Table & Chairs – We bought this table&chair set from Target shortly after we bought our house.  I’m not sure it’s the set I’d buy if I had it to do over again (for aesthetic reasons; I’d probably buy these chairs and this table), but the chairs are comfortable and the table has held up well.

2. Lounge Chairs – They make a chaise lounge version of our table&chairs, but I think I’m leaning towards the Ikea Applaro chaise lounge instead.  I see them working really well around the tank pool we want to build.

3. Umbrella – An umbrella for our table would be nice.  I’d love it to be a bright color (like green or yellow), but I think the Florida sun would bleach it out too quickly so cream or white is probably the best bet.  Something like this one from Target would be great.

4. Lighting – I imagine a lot of small lights.  Maybe lanterns, these Ikea solar lights or something like these Oxo Candelas.  I also really want some of these string lights from Target (I promise to find an LED version soon, but this is my daydream, and I have wanted this style of light for a long time).

5. Tank Pool & Deck – As I mentioned above, we want to make a tank pool out of a livestock tank, and ideally I’d like a small deck around it, and maybe a shade sail over it.  The idea for the pool was born after seeing this pool (which is actually a silo, I think) featured on The Brick House.

6. Outdoor Shower – I already discussed some of our plans here, but I started saving some other amazing ones (like the one shown) on Houzz.

7. Firepit – A fire pit would e nice, too.  The Incinerator that our friend Ryan’s dad used to have in his backyard was amazing (so long as you didn’t stand too close to it wearing something that would melt, like Cintas work pants).  Recently we were at a friends’ birthday party and there was a firepit made from a semi truck wheel (which was awesome), and  it got the wheels turning on how to DIY our own unique fire pit.

The Porch

1. FanA while back we scored this Hunter Fan from ReStore for $50!  Color me incredibly excited!

2. Lounge chairs – I nixed these  for the patio/deck/whatever, but I think these Ikea Ammero chaises would look great in the lounge area I envision for our porch.

3. Stump Side Table – (image from West Elm) As I mentioned a while back, we already had a stack of stumps to turn into tables and just picked up a few more (my neighbors love me</sarcasm>).  I think that at least one of them would look nice on near the lounge chairs.

4. Lighting – The last time we were at Ikea we bought one of these Ottava pendant lights to go over our pool table.  Originally we thought we wanted the Kroby, but now we’re thinking one Ottava on either end (we need to buy one more soon).  We’ll also need some more lighting in the lounge area (or at least to find a better bulb for the Hunter fan- it came with a spot light bulb, probably because that’s the only bulb the previous owner could find that fit).  I love the look of barn lights and these gooseneck lights, maybe we can DIY something similar with the old light from my parents’ kitchen.

5. Industrial Touches – (light switch image from here) It may seem odd, but I want a bit of an industrial vibe for the porch.  One day we’ll build our dream garage with studio above it, and I’ll have an industrial inspired studio with exposed brick walls.  Until then we can have an industrial-inspired porch to tide me over, with details like  exposed conduit, Ottava lights (and maybe cage lights) , and whatever else we think up.

6. Bead Board – I’m not sure that beadboard goes with the industrial look I just discribed, but I love the way it looks, and it would be a quick, hopefully cheap, and easy way to fix the painted ply currently adorning the walls.

7. Flooring – I loved the pallet wall in Will’s old nursery, so what about doing it as a floor?  We already have a stack o’ pallets, so maybe we can slap some boards from those suckers down to cover the hot mess that is the mismatching tiles.

8. TV – We are thinking about wall mounting a tv (with a bracket like this one) so that we can watch footbally or something nerdly like Mythbusters while playing pool.  We would probably obscure the tv with a curtain or a cabinet or something when it wasn’t in use.

9. Bar Stools – Initially I forgot that we also want barstools (and mabye a small pub table).  I can’t decide if I want mismatching yard sale/Goodwill finds, or something matching (and maybe stackable).  Currently loving the Ikea Sebastian stools.

Hopefully we can tackle some of these things slowly over time, because I would really like to use our backyard a lot more this summer than we did last year.  Cue the staycation.

March 25, 2011

I’m Board

by Cait

I had a “tour” of our backyard for you today, but something is STILL wrong with my photo uploads (some of you may have seen that mentioned on Facebook), so we’ll go with this short post instead, and hopefully a restart will help the photo upload issue.

I saw this fabulous headboard about a week ago and started thinking about the pallets we have laying in the backyard.  Finding the correct source for the image was a bit of a wild goose chase, but I’ll avoid that rant for now.


I was planning to make something similar and hang it over the shoe cabinet (to bring in more yellow), but then we did this project.  Now I’m going back and forth between moving the mason jars somewhere else to put this up in the bedroom and thinking this might look nice over our tv in the living room (though that would require moving a clock).  I’m thinking our verion might say “everything happens for a reason”, which is something my grandmother used to say a lot.

March 22, 2011

Not So Mellow Yellow

by Cait

Ever since we changed up the curtains and added a new pillow to our master I’ve been wanting to add more goldenrod to the bedroom.

After seeing this tour linked on Apartment Therapy, I became convinced me that what I really need to do over the shoe cabinet (above this) is hunt down an ornate oval frame to go over the shoe cabinet.  We already have two mirrors in the bedroom, so I’d probably back the frame with screen  to hold my earrings.  We’ll see if that happens, I’ve been scouring eBay, Etsy, and a few thrift stores but I haven’t found anything yet. 

I also want to add a few goldenrod accessories to the dresser to help balance things out.  Maybe something like a laquered tray, or a bright picture frame.  Probably whatever I can find at HomeGoods or Goodwill and spray paint.

Oh, and after reading Russet Street Reno I am about 85% certain that I need to head to Ikea soon for some new bedside tables.  (Sara recently replaced her table with something else and you should go look at its cuteness!)  Don’t worry, I probably won’t paint them yellow– but I make no promises about a distressed finish blue.  (Distressed because with the recent jewelry holder addition I feel like the room needs more rustic.  If i wasn’t so in love with our bed I’d do a rustic headboard like these.)   I would love to add a chevron runner to our hallway like the one Sara has, but I don’t think West Elm has those anymore(my bad, they do still have it!) Helper Dog would have far too much fun sliding on it (do they make really, really sticky rug pads?)

March 21, 2011

April Showers

by Cait

With the weather beginning to warm up here in Florida, I’ve been thinking a lot about our outdoor shower (and our tank pool, but that’s another post).  The idea of rinsing off out in the sunshine after a long bike ride or a day at the beach sounds pretty heavenly.  It might even be a great alternative to washing the dogs in our guest bath during the summer (except that wet white dogs + dirt = terrifying idea).  I’ve been kicking the idea of having fun/funky gauges in the outdoor shower ever since this house tour on Apartment Therapy, and then seeing the shower in Emily at Merrypad’s post about Hamilton Productions pretty much cemented the decision.  I’m sure Robert can come up with something completely awesome, he has yet to let me down when I pose weird design problems.

Left from Merrypad, right from AT

Initially we thought a wooden shower stall around an existing concrete pad in our backyard (I would show y’all a picture, but it is housing a lawn mower beneath a pollen-coated motorcycle cover at the moment- classy).  After seeing Emily’s post we started thinking a 4×4 post frame with either corrugated plastic or the corrugated metal like Kara used for her headboard (which was recently featured on AT!)  Robert is leaning towards corrugated metal, and I was thinking plastic because I like the idea of it being at least semi-translucent, so that it’s not just a big thing in the yard (I am obviously always really eloquent).  It seems like it would get really gross, really quickly though (and it might be completely see through, we didn’t remember to look the last time we were at Lowe’s). 

Left from Merrypad, right from Charles and Hudson

For some reason I never noticed that gorgeous Dwell rug before! Now I love Kara’s guest room even more!

Here’s hoping the shower can be completed (oh hey, even started is good with me) soon!

March 18, 2011

Fired Up

by Cait

As I mentioned a while back, the ideas floating around in my head for our eventual fireplace redesign were partially inspired by Katie Bower’s old den.  I love that mantel so much.  For our fireplace I was thinking about using flagstone for our surround since our front porch is flagstone and I thought it would be a nice way to carry outside elements into the house.

our fireplace

Katie Bower’s fireplace

Then this Apartment Therapy tour reminded me of my ridiculous love for rustic wood mantels.  We mentioned the idea to a coworker from one of Robert’s previous jobs and he told us that he has already sent a mysterious piece of wood to a sawmill for us.  Yessssssssssss!

Apartment Therapy tour

In the interest of incorporating one of my other favorite elements I thought about adding white brick instead of drywalling (and texturing it, to match the rest of our plaster walls).  I did a quick Google image search and came up with this picture.


It’s not exactly what I had in mind because I’d prefer the bottom of our fireplace be the same depth out as the top, and I’d like our mantel to be more rustic, but it’s close enough.  I showed the picture  to Robert and he agreed that he liked the way it looks, and he said it might be easier (if the faux brick we talked about here is heat-resistant enough, at least).  Score!

March 17, 2011

Easy Update: Mason Jar Storage

by Cait

The photo colors in this post should be all better now.  Here’s hoping!

After seeing Liz Marie’s project feature on Re-Nest, I decided to make this mason jar storage rack to hold jewelry and hair accessories in our master bedroom.

Seen on re-nest, originally from Liz Marie

For my mason jar rack, I used a pallet board that we had laying in the backyard (long story), which was conveniently cut to the right length and mostly sanded (again, long story).  After a quick sand to take care of any rough edges, Robert blew any dirt off with compressed air.  Then we gathered pipe clamps from Lowe’s and mason jars that my grandparents used to use for canning.  We measured where we wanted the clamps to attach to the board and drilled pilot holes.

Then we opened the pipe clamps up, used a punch to make drilling easier, and drilled the holes for where the screws will go.


Then we took everything inside and leveled in on the wall in the bedroom.


From here we attached the outside clamps first, using screws long enough to both hold the clamp to the board as well as hold the board to the wall.


We then added the other two clamps and put the jars in place (Robert needed me to help hold the jars, so I couldn’t take any pictures of that step).


Since we already had the wood, the only thing we had to buy was pipe clamps.  Gotta love a simple, one evening, $4 project project!

March 16, 2011

Inspiration Page

by Cait

I finally pushed publish on something I’ve been hanging onto for a while now.

I always like hearing about what inspires designers&bloggers, so I thought I’d start a section for what inspires me.  I’ll update it as the house continues to take shape.

January 19, 2011

Coming Clean

by Cait

Ok, so in the spirit of being totally honest, there are a couple of places in our house that haven’t been shown on the blog, and one of those is the laundry room.  We have big plans for this space one day (hopefully soon), but it’s dependent on getting a tankless water heater so that we can unstack the washer and dryer.   Our current water heater is new-ish and works-ish despite some rust, so it’s not exactly on the front burner.  Regardless of when it gets done, I have fun dreaming up what I want the space to look like when it’s finished, and I’ve been partially inspired by the design board Katie Bower created for their laundry room.

Katie’s design board

Our design board

The Plan:

We already have a new Whirlpool washer, dryer & laundry tower and we have a paint color in mind, so this plan is branching out from there.  The links in this post are just for reference, as we will be doing some serious bargain hunting when we get closer to actually making this plan a reality.

  • Sink – Ideally we’d love a farmhouse sink with a drainboard or two, but our laundry room is… petite, so this America Standard sink might be a better choice, even though it’s certainly not exactly inexpensive.
  • Faucet – My expensive taste carries over into faucets with this American Standard wall mounted option.
  • Glass canisters – We already have one of these in the guest bathroom for bath salts, and I love it.  In the laundry room they’d be filled with clothes pins and things like that.
  • Hamper – We currently have a plastic hamper we’ve had for years in the laundry room, but we’d would love to have something nicer looking (the image shown is from Target).
  • Floor – Currently the floor is sporting some old vinyl, but I love the look of this Pergo Boathouse Pine.
  • Rug – We’ve heard a  lot of good things about FLOR tiles, and at $14.99 a square these Ups&Downs White would be awesome since they could be replaced when they inevitably wind up with bleach spots.

scan from Better Homes & Gardens, Feb ’09 left and Oct ’08 right

Not Pictured in Design Board:

  • Pedestal – As I mentioned above, in order to unstack our washer and dryer we need a tankless water heater.  One thing I didn’t mention is that we also need to build a small pedestal for the washer, dryer and laundry tower to go on.  The width of the room is juuust right for them all, but there is a small lip of concrete that we need to raise them up over in order to have them all side by side. It will be nice to DIY this since we don’t need the extra storage offered with the Whirlpool pedestals, and aren’t sure we want the extra 13″ of height they offer.
  • Counter top – The need for a pedestal actually works out well because we’d like to top the whole thing off with a work surface (similar to the one above left) and the pedestal will add extra height to our 36″ washer &dryer making the counter more comfortable for chores like folding laundry.
  • Window – Our laundry room doesn’t have a window at the moment, but I’d love to add one and place the sink (which it also doesn’t have yet, though there is a water spigot on the exterior of the same wall) below it.  Adding a Grundtal shelf like the one above right would be nice for extra storage and could also function as a drying rack.
  • Curtains – One day in the hopefully-not-too-distant future we’d like to install an outdoor shower in the backyard, but the window we want for the laundry room would look directly at that, and while the shower would have some sort of gate or curtain, curtains on the window would be good anyhow and could hang from the Grundtal shelf like pictured above.

Am I the only one with big plans for their laundry room?

January 15, 2011

Simple Switch: Glass Insulators

by Cait

Just a quick Saturday post to say that our mantel was looking pretty bare since the Christmas decorations came down, so after getting tired of looking at it in such a sad state I swapped in a few things that were laying around the house and picked up these glass insulators.

I originally saw this done on House Bella

The photo in the center is from Katie Bower’s Print Shop, and if you are curious about where anything else is from feel free to ask!

Has anyone else felt like their mantel was kind of bare after taking the Christmas things down?  Or if you don’t have a mantel, have you changed up another display are around the house recently?

January 11, 2011

Shedding Light on the Situation

by Cait

As I mentioned yesterday, we are trying to decide what to do as far as lighting in the living room.  Currently we have a ceiling fan with light, a lamp on our new sofa table (more about that later), a lamp on the side table we moved from the guest room, and a stool with a lamp balanced on it (a very temporary solution).  Shamefully I still have not taken an updated photo of our living room, but you can see the lamp on the side table below (the one with the white shade) and the lamp with the grey shade now lives on our Hemnes sofa table (I first mentioned wanting that here).  The ceiling fan was to my right as I took this picture, and the wall with the trees is just beyond that.

As I said yesterday, we are thinking of hanging a pendant light over the table in the living room.  The one I have been considering is the Eden pendant from CB2 (below).  The only problems with this choice are that I prefer the color the shade appears when on (right), and I think the diameter for the shade is a bit to large for our space.

I am also ridiculously in love with West Elm’s Drum Sconce and Flat Flush Mount Light.  Well actually, as far as the sconces go, I really, really love the way they look, but I’m not sure they are the best choice in this area.  I could very easily see putting one of these on either side of our bed, but I love our touch lights from Target, partly because I am lazy (I know you can get touch kits to make pretty much any lamp a touch lamp, but for now I think we’ll stick with our Target lights and drool over the ones at West Elm).  I think that the Flush Mount would be a big improvement over the current low-hanging ceiling fan (our tall friend, Jason, wouldn’t hit his head anymore!), and I have looked at a bunch of similar options from Overstock and Lamps Plus but I keep coming back to West Elm based on the size and construction.   Another thing going for the Flush Mount is that we could potentially use a gift card from our credit card reward points (although we don’t exactly rack those up quickly, so that would mean waiting longer for the light).

Even supposing we have solved the ceiling fan issue with the Flush Mount, I still want a light over/near the table that could be turned on independently of the Flush Mount.  Another CB2 find that caught my eye (but scared my wallet) is the Firefly Pendant Light.  It reminds me a bit of the light fixture we made for the dining room, and if we remove the ceiling fan we will have 4 seeded glass globes we don’t need so I could DIY another fixture. The correlation between the two would be nice, since the tables are in eye-shot of each other.

On a side note, Robert recently asked me about moving the hutch back over there, so we’ll see what happens!

There are a couple other lights that I am in love with, but that didn’t make the cut for this space (and for length purposes I’m not including them in this round up of choices).  Maybe soon I will do another post on lights that have caught my attention recently.

Has anyone else made a light fixture, replaced a ceiling fan with a light or put a light where there previously wasn’t one?  (Which reminds me I need to post about the process of putting the light over our sink.)  Personally I love Kara Paslay’s DIY Mason Jar Chandelier, and if you haven’t seen it you should check it out!