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February 1, 2011

Office Space, the Sequel

by Cait

I finally got an email regarding my fabric purchase for the art room curtains today.

Unfortunately, the following item(s) are currently on backorder:
Premier Prints Suzani Slub Texture Yellow/White( UH-217 ) ETA: 3/21/2011
The ETA is the expected time of arrival at our warehouse, and not the day you should expect to receive it.

Life is sad!

Aside from the crushing news about the curtain fabric, I’ve decided to rethink the desk surface. I’m pretty sure I want to go with the Lagan Countertop from Ikea (even though it will have to be cut down slightly in width and depth) because I am a pain in the ass like that I like the idea of a more wood in the room. And also? I may have fallen in love with Just a little bit. I decided to use some of the 28″ 3-rod ones for the closet desk. I want to beg politely ask Robert’s best friend, Ryan, make some of them for me (and maybe teach me how to make them), but I was curious about the way the ones online were made and they were on sale.

Ryan made this, so hairpin legs should be a cakewalk, right?

But back to the design board. You may have noticed the Crate&Barrel Delta Side Chair has been with the Navy Side Chair w/ Wood Seat from DWR. Don’t worry, I have not lost my mind and decided to blow our whole budget on one chair. My mom has had one of these types of chairs as her desk chair for years, and my dad has one of these in the garage with a broken seat. When I asked if I could have it he said yes! Woohoo! We can probably get away with just two chairs, but I am ever so slightly tempted to order a knock-off Eames shell chair (since I have yet to find one of those along the side of the road. coughDanielcough) or some of these metal stools.

Stool image from Overstock, Eames chair from Hive

However, if we don’t spend a ton on the chairs I’m hoping we can buy a set of lockers for storing the rolls of paper/etc that seem to accumulate in corners. I am hoping that we can find some lockers locally, because all the ones I’ve seen online have REALLY expensive shipping (of course).

left image from here, right image from here

Here’s hoping the gods of lockers and Eames chairs smile upon me.