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September 26, 2010

Bedded Down

by Cait

Yesterday evening after I got home from work, we ran a few errands and retrieved some Jo-Ann coupons from Emiley (thanks again for that!) and then Robert and I started working on the bed frame for the guest room.  We bought four 1″ x 8″ x 8′ boards, four  6″ Queen Anne legs and a pneumatic stapler (we like overkill) from Lowe’s.  Since our frame was going to be a faux frame that fit around the existing metal frame (at least to start with) we took two of the boards and marked how long they needed to be in order to fit around the basic metal frame rather than measuring the boards to roughly 60″ and 80″ like the standard queen sized bed frame.  We decided to lay the boards out in the following (not to scale) arrangement  with triangular pieces in the corners to stabilize and provide a place to attach the Queen Anne legs.

We used the brad nailer we bought for the pallet project to attach the boards together and add the corner pieces, and then Robert added a few staples from the top.

We used one of our many hammers (this one actually came free with purchase of our compressor and brad nailer) to hold the triangles in place while we nailed them so that the two inch brads didn’t go into our fingers.

We also elevated the triangle and nailer a bit with some scrap wood.

Later today (technically) we’ll drill holes in the triangles to screw the legs into, and wrap the frame with batting and fabric.

Also, is anyone surprised that after my meltdown we went with something other than the grey wool?

Being that we are (currently) a teeny, tiny blog we were not paid by Bostitch to use or mention their products (but if anyone from Bostitch happens up on our blog- we really like our 6 gallon compressor, brad nailer and stapler!)

September 8, 2010

Nothing (Much) to See Here

by Cait

Just a quick post to say that nothing was done in the way of the shoe cabinet or the liquor cabinet last night because we welcomed the arrival of my best friend’s son, Carter, as those who follows us on Facebook might have seen.  He’s a handsome, happy, healthy baby at 6lb 11.5oz and 19.5 in long, and I probably most certainly held him for far longer than any one person really should (but I did let the grandmothers hold him first!).  Also, his feisty, redheaded mom has already taught him to stick his tongue out, which he did immediately upon meeting me, and I wholeheartedly approve!

In other news, tonight Robert and I plan to give the first time parent’s and baby some alone time finish working on this chair (which may make an appearance in our upcoming guest room reveal), and tackle part of the liquor cabinet.  And some time next month Hernando House will be guest blogging, so check back for those details soon.

Curbside Chair

September 3, 2010

Life Happens

by Cait

I was going to post another lead in to a project we’re working on this morning, but sometimes football life happens and it’s too dark to photograph outside, so instead I’m back with more images I’m finding inspirational lately.  And for anyone who thinks my inspiration for this room is all over the map, it is!  We’re going for something a little more modern than the rest of our house, especially since the addition was added a few decades after the house was built and doesn’t always feel like to flows with the style rest of our house anyway.  Until we have the money to make it cohesive, we’re embracing the fact that the guest “suite” is separated from the rest of the house by the living room.  Besides, I’m on a slight modern kick, thanks to West Elm, Ikea,  Manhattan Nest and The Brick House

From Apartment Therapy

This wall reminds me of Katie B’s nursery.
From All About You seen on Design*Sponge

LOVE the light fixture! From The Brick House

Love the idea of a pendant light here. From The Brick House

From Decor Pad

Seen on Ikea Hacker

Hope you enjoyed the inspiration dump.  Happy weekend, y’all!

August 27, 2010

Guest Room Glam

by Cait

Our guest room is in need of some love.  We loved the yellow that we carried over from the other main living spaces, but otherwise our guest room is missing a certain something.  Spurred on by a mishmash of inspiration from this post from Manhattan Nest, Kara Paslay’s bedroom & guest room, and some West Elm images burned into my brain, we decided it was time for a little mini make over.

From West Elm

From Kara Paslay Designs, first seen on Young House Love

guest roomComparatively speaking, very blah.

The room definitely needed different window treatments, and we wanted to add in more tan, some grey, and texture, so we decided to trek to Ikea and came back with a pretty good haul and an idea for a mood board.

If the top-center looks empty that’s because I cleverly purposefully left out blur and blur (flagrant Mythbusters reference) until we follow up this project, so check back for that and the during and after pictures of the guestroom later!

So what do you think?  Were we right in thinking the room needed more character?  Have you done any mini makeovers of your own lately?