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February 22, 2011

Corner Office

by Cait

I was ridiculously excited last week when my backordered fabric arrived from about a month early.  I wasted no time in making three panels for the art room and while we were at Ikea this past weekend we bought clips to hang them.  I don’t know that I love the look of the clips, but I do enjoy not having to stand on a chair to open/close the curtains thanks to the fact that they slide easily.  (Ok, who am I kidding, I rarely opened the old curtains, I mainly left that task to Robert.)

As a quick reminder, here is the before.

Art Room

And the (hurriedly taken before the sun went down yesterday) afters.  (We’ll take better photos this weekend.)

The fabric we used is Premier Prints Suzani Slub Texture Yellow/White, and we like it so much that we’re using Premier Prints Suzani Chocolate/Natural in our bedroom.

Aside from the curtains, we are making very slow progress on this room.  We having painted the closet or started on the new closet desk (the hairpin legs arrived, but we couldn’t fit a 96 in counter top in a Beetle with three adults- go figure).  As far as what to do next, I’m thinking about having the metal side chair powder coated (it’s pretty rusty from living in my parents garage, and the idea of something tougher than spray paint is appealing), or picking/ordering a rug.  I recently found one on Overstock similar to the West Elm Ferris rug, but I think I’m still leaning towards jute or sisal…

February 3, 2011

Out of Order

by Cait

Sometimes I pick things a little out of order.  But it’s ok, I certainly know how to have a good time doing it.  Tonight for example, it’s raining (but not leaking like last time!), Robert had class, and I am staring at fabric swatches, both real and digital.  I think I am destined to have a binder ring of fabric swatches.  (I have gotten the urge to make new curtains for preeeetty much the entire house, but I’m going to try and limit myself to maybe making some pillows.)

I’m currently loving Premier Prints ZigZag Village Rust in the art room.  I really wish I could see it with my backordered curtain fabric (UH-217, top left)  sometime before April, but in the interest in getting things done, I’m going to go with my gut and order enough for the closet curtain.

all fabric from

As for the kitchen window, you can see I thought I was going to like Waverly Leaf Garland Spa (UH-708) so I bought a yard of it.  Once I got it in the kitchen (and texted Robert a picture) I was leaning towards Waverly Sun N Shade Lenox Horizon (UF-784).  Then I remembered that I had just bought a new ironing board cover (Waverly Sun N Shade Lovely Lattice Lagoon UD-517H), so I stuck the package in the window, further confusing myself.  Thankfully when Robert got home we decided on Sun N Shade Lenox Horizon.


Oh and?  The closet color is changing because of all this fabric picking.  The pallet is pretty much staying the same, but instead of painting the closet Morrocan Spice and getting a more neutral fabric for the closet curtain, we’re going to use the leftover paint from our hallway and use the Premier Prints ZigZag Village Rust.