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May 24, 2011

Etsy Shop Listings

by Cait

As I mentioned, Robert and I started an Etsy shop called Repurposed Materials. And while I would still say we are in the “soft opening” stage, I did make a listing for Scrabble tile keychains recently (buyers can pick which letter they want), we’re working on the prototype for a some lights, and we have a few other ideas in mind.

We want to make pendant lights and table lights from vintage glass insulators. The below is a prototype made with a cord  (made from a chipped, otherwise trash-bound insulator) that will ship as a plug in style light. The cord we’re using below is typically considered a lamp cord, but buyers could easily snip the plug off and convert it to hardwire pendant. We’re also researching making ones that are specifically meant to be hardwired, but they will probably be a bit more expensive because of the extra parts required.