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April 14, 2011

I’ll Be in My Happy Place

by Cait

Oh my goodness. Desire to Inspire, you kill me. I’m sure you’re getting tired of my posting images like this, but seriously! If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my happy place*:

from Mark Seelen, seen on Desire to Inspire

*Please say this in the voice of Professor Farnsworth, a la “If anyone needs me I’ll be in the angry dome!”

April 11, 2011

Living Outdoors: Part 2

by Cait

Apologies for posting a sappy post and now this one with pictures from Desire to Inspire, butĀ I think a deck like this woud work where our weird concrete is.

our weird concrete

So today I’ll be daydreaming that I’m sitting on that deck at duskĀ surrounded by friends. And in my fantasy there are no gnats or mosquitoes.