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December 3, 2010


by Cait

Look what is now festively adorning our yard this holiday season!

Astute readers will notice that is not our yard, but rather a parking lot.
Also, apologies for the iPhone photo

That’s right, slap an evergreen garland on that baby and call her a Christmas decoration because after quite a while in the shop for rear end work, the CJ-7 finally made her way home!  On the back of a flatbed.  Not to worry though, after some Googling Robert is relatively certain the  issue is with a bushing in the transmission, which will cost about $2.  Sweet!

All of this makes the redneck part of me very happy.

I was only kidding about the garland. Maybe.

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October 6, 2010


by Cait

It’s been a slow week for home improvement at around here.  The closest thing to a project has been unloading the dishwasher, as we’ve been spending the past few nights (even our anniversary night) concentrating on getting our newest addition, an ’81 CJ-7, to our house.  Any spare time is spent eating, sleeping, and (for Robert) doing schoolwork.  Despite the fact that I’d like to mainly focus on the house, I’ll post pictures of the Jeep if anyone is interested.

Robert said he wants to work on the pallet project this weekend (woo hoo!), and I’m working on convincing him we need to go to Ikea to pick up a rug (yes, still rug stalking).

Until then, I will leave you with this teaser from our last trip to Ikea.

Please ignore the ugly phone cord box hanging out of the wall, that will be fixed later.

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