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January 25, 2011

Retaining Water

by Cait

Everyone remember our friend Mr Ceiling Crack?

Meet his new BFF, Mr Bucket.

Blogging about your house is super glamorous.


Hello small window in which we must evict Mr Bucket. (Please don’t hate us for for the temps.)

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January 9, 2011

The Joys of Being a Homeowner

by Cait

Occasionally projects we have had planned for a while (such as the living room curtains or the fireplace face lift) have to take the back burner to things that are more pressing.  This is probably not uncommon, but it is disappointing.

Don’t hate us for our floating rug.

So, in order to explain why our library currently looks like this after taking down the Christmas tree, I have to explain that a month or two ago we noticed the ceiling in front of the fireplace had a crack in it.  There had always been a seam there (which probably means there was a roof leak and a patched ceiling in our house’s past, but it’s a fairly old house; what 56 year old house hasn’t had some sort of roof or water damage?), but at some point recently the ceiling started to crack.  Everything went fine with our inspection a year and a half ago (at least in that area, the flat roof over the living room needed a small patch where it joined the porch roof), and up until now we have not had any reason to doubt the fairly-new roof’s soundness.

This is a spot in the ceiling to the right of the fireplace, normally over the PB chair.

Thankfully my parents just had some ceiling work done and they highly recommend the person they hired, so we plan to  have the same guy fix this after having someone else take a look at the roof and in the attic (because there is no point in simply fixing the cosmetic problem with the ceiling if there is a larger roof-related problem).  We would do the work ourselves, except that a) neither one of us is a roofer and b) as I learned by reading Katie Bower’s blog this kind of ceiling takes a certain skill set we aren’t sure we possess (although we did recently see a consumer grade version of the brush required for this type of ceiling at Lowe’s).

The problem/bummer is that we aren’t sure what kind of cost we are looking at with this, so we may be postponing some things we had planned for the house in order to tackle it.  Also, in case the fix ends up being more expensive  than we anticipate (or also because projects sometimes have a tendency to domino-affect; this could potentially lead to the fireplace face lift since they are in the same area, and we have other ceilings that need smoothing, etc) we may be taking on smaller projects that aren’t exactly sexy blog-worthy  (like the first section of our To Do List).

Has anyone else had to postpone projects that are mainly decor-related in order to take care of more structural things?  (I would ask if anyone has had a crack like this before, but I really don’t know if I could handle someone saying “yes and it led to us needing an entirely new roof”.)

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